Where have all the Semblers gone?


The summer team away day is one of the most adventurous days of the year for the Semble crew. Our team put their money where their mouth is and spent the day away from the office serving a local community group.

London Play work with Adventure Playgrounds across the city and were delighted to host our team of Semblers for our volunteering day. We were excited to help revamp their incredibly colourful adventure play ground in Lewisham.

Honour Oak adventure playground serves the local community providing free exciting play opportunities for children aged 5–18. The playground is amazing and gives the children and young people a safe place to explore their own boundaries, take risks and problem solve using their most natural medium of play.

We were tasked with helping to lay new safer surface under two of their biggest swing features. The team immediately got to work fixing matting and adding of huge bags of rubber chippings to ensure that the swings were as safe as possible for kids to enjoy.

It was hard work and some of us definitely felt muscles we never knew we had the day after. But the sun was shining (most of the day) and the reward of getting to swing, jump and run across rope bridges definitely added to the childlike adventure of the day!

The mix of getting our hands dirty, while also spending time with our growing team to get to know each other better, while helping support such a worthwhile community project made for a splendid summer away day.

The team’s competitive spirit really came into play as we went head to head at the infamous ‘Bounce’ ping pong playhouse in Shoreditch. We worked up a healthy appetite and feasted on Vietnamese to round off a truly fantastic day!

Time away from the office is such a great opportunity for all work teams to have space and time to refocus and revitalise and bring a team together in a new dynamic. Most importantly it provides the space and time to give back, coming together with local community projects and being part of making a change.

About the Author:

Head of Our Community for Semble I lead on the engagement and development of Our Community here at Semble. I am all about the small creating big changes and want to hear all about what projects are doing to impact and transform their local communities. I want to help support projects to access what they need to grow and develop.