Tudor Fund Funding Opportunity


Funding information

Tudor Trust offers several funding options to support organisations with a charitable purpose, addressing marginalisation and creating positive change. Many of their grants take form of core funding: funding which goes towards the core costs of running an organisation, including salaries, overheads and day-to-day running costs. Sometimes they might also offer unrestricted funding, through a grant which can be used entirely freely to further an organisation’s charitable objectives.

They can also provide project grantscapital grants for buildings or equipment and grants to help strengthen your organisation. In some situations, they may look at making a short-term loan if this is the most helpful solution and you can demonstrate how you can pay it back. The options are endless!

How much can you apply for?

There is no maximum or minimum grant, though in practice it is unusual for the Tudor Trust to make a grant of less than £10,000. At the first stage of the application process they don’t ask you to specify exactly how much you are looking for, though it is fine to do so if you wish: if your application progresses to the second stage the Trust will discuss your funding requirements in more detail then.

Deadline: Tudor has no deadlines – grants are published on a rolling basis and so you can apply at any time.

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Victoria Pérez Fernández