Green Gym-ing in Kneller Gardens


London’s one of the greenest cities in Europe. That’s right – our capital isn’t all smog and tarmac. There are trees, flowers, parks and ponds out there too. Need convincing? Check out the London National Park City campaign. Or even better – get involved with your local Green Gym.

There are Green Gyms across the UK, created and run by our friends over at TCV (The Conservation Volunteers) who, like us, are big believers in the power of community in the race to save our wild spaces. I headed out to Twickenham last week to find out a little more.

Green Gym lead Pablo in Kneller Gardens Green Gym

Pitching up in west London I was greeted by the wonderful Pablo who leads the Kneller Gardens Green Gym. When Pablo isn’t busy being greeted by community members pleased to see the Green Gym back at work, he’s directing volunteers on how best to build ponds, construct natural boundary walls and cut back brambles. All of which is thirsty work. Cue Pablo keeping the team fed and watered with regular tea and fruit breaks. A chance to sit back, chat and enjoy the greenery.

My morning at the Green Gym was one of weeding, wood chipping and scything. Yes, that’s right, scything. Turns out this Medieval sounding bit of equipment is actually quite Millennial – an environment friendly, artisanal bit of kit. Swap a strimmer for a scythe and you’re saving on fossil fuels, noise pollution and gym memberships. Like all the Green Gym equipment, scythes require that you use your body. So, you get fit while you improve your environment. Everyone wins.

How many of us have overpriced, underused gym memberships? How about cancelling those and getting out into the wild for free. This is conservation, community and fitness all rolled into one. Sounds too good to be true. But it really isn’t. Find your local Green Gym online. Or set one up yourself. Spring’s the perfect time to get out there and get green!

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