How to use your Semble Stencil


Did you receive a Semble Stencil in the post?

This is a physical stamp that your project serves your community and is part of the Semble platform. We wanted to harness the creativity of our membership and see these stencils popping up all over the UK as a way of connecting change-making community projects and their stories. Get stenciling!

If you want some inspiration for how to use your Semble Stencil look no further…

Use your stencil in a creative way

For example use chalk on your garden wall, grow seeds through it, or hang the stencil on your noticeboard – go wild.

Take a photo

Take a photo or two, or even a video if you’re feeling creative!

Post the photo on your project’s social media

Post you handiwork on your group’s social media with #LetsSemble – and remember to tag @SembleUK

Semble spraypainted onto the side of a vegeTwo people sitting on a train with a Semble stencil leaning against several water bottles and reusable hot drink cupsCake with 'Semble' dusted onto it with icing sugarPerson spray painting a white wall through a wooden Semble stencilPhoto of Mel on a bike with plants in the basket with a wooden stencil reading 'Semble' attached to the front. A canvas tote bag reads 'London Play' hangs from her bike. Photo of a Semble Stencil resting on a soil bed, with some sprouting rocket in the Semble stencil

We can’t wait to see what you get up to with your Semble stencils – and we’ll showcase your pictures.

Want to get involved? Drop us a message at and we’ll send you a stencil too!

About the Author:

Josie Howard
Keen to make the world a kinder place, Josie supports the campaigns and community teams at Semble to help bring people together. She has worked with migrants, taught sex education and is a lover of all things Latin America. Her interests include food, reading, and dreaming of being a beekeeper.