Semble: The Story Behind Our Rebrand


Hello Dirters, or should I say Semblers!

I’m very proud to introduce and launch our new name: SEMBLE

Over the last decade, as an organisation and a network, we’ve continually developed our presence, our platform and our voice. As with many start-ups, we often had to roll with what was thrown at us, in order to stay on top of the shifting sands. But we’ve always stayed true to our core, our single uniting passion: to enable and nurture fantastic grassroots projects, and support real-world community activists.

Now we’re able to make what is probably the biggest change we have ever made to date – our new name and brand. As I hope you will understand, for an organisation that’s been around for a decade, we have not taken this decision lightly. [Read more about the process here]

When we began digging the dirt

For ten years, we’ve operated under the name Project Dirt. This name made sense in the early days. Initially, we set out to connect local groups in one small part of South London (UK) who were working on grassroots environmental causes. Soon after, as people from beyond our original patch and personal networks started to join us, we gave ourselves the sub-title “The Green Social Network”. ‘Dirt’ stood for the environment and grassroots action. We felt it was slightly irreverent, definitely memorable and fitted with our ‘elements’ branding.

As our network grew consistently, we took the decision to open up to a much wider set of grassroots community projects. We focused on people, not just on places. Equally, our remit developed as we were approached by a wider set of stakeholders wanting to get involved.

We started to find that we could channel more money, volunteers and materials through our platform into local projects. This meant our tagline developed too, first to ‘Connecting Communities for Good’ and then ‘Resourcing Communities for Good’.

“All the while, engaging people in their local communities has been at the centre of what we do.”

Along with our ever-growing network, we have been delivering increasingly high-profile community campaigns on a range of important issues, from reversing the decline in time spent outdoors for children, to reducing our reliance on single-use plastic. All the while, engaging people in their local communities has been at the centre of what we do.

Why we embarked on a rebrand

Taking on a wider set of work helped us understand what we do best: bringing people together to make a positive difference. Now the time has come for us to really nail our colours to the mast. We wanted a brand that would appeal to a wide range of stakeholders, a brand that was both positive and ‘restless’, and which could act as a rallying call to action.

After meeting the branding team at Nice & Serious, they immediately understood our ambitions and we worked together to bring out our true colours. Following a wide consultation with our community and wider network, we decided on an upper-case logo to emphasise our active and restless nature. We bring together the doers in our midst; we spot problems, and we act on them. There will be no hiding of our light under any bushels: SEMBLE is a call to action, and we want to encourage as many people as possible to join us in our mission to change the world for the better by activating local communities.

So welcome, Semblers, to our new identity. We’re still the same passionate team (as always please do get in touch, or pop in for a cuppa to say hi), but now with a refreshed look and rallying call:

Come Together. Make a Change.

About the Author:

Nick is the co-founder & Chair of Semble. He loves nothing more than bringing people together to achieve marvellous things. Having dabbled with a few career paths, Nick found his niche working with local communities on issues that mattered to them. A trained youth worker, Nick is also on the board of Outdoor People. His favourite colour is orange, and he likes growing stuff and eating pizza.