Semblers’ adventures at Seed Festival


Ever wondered why we’re called Semble? To semble means to come together to make a change. And that’s exactly what we’re passionate about.

So us Semblers relish the chance to gather with inspiring folks at community festivals to share ideas, celebrate achievements and inspire change with old and new friends.

Not even torrential rain could keep us from Seed Festival last month. Held in the grounds of Hawkwood House, centre for future thinking, Seed is a festival of ideas that encourages sustainable changemaking through informed debate.

Community events like Seed carve out space for us to get together and see what can be created. This encourages us to experiment with new ideas and ways of being and allow us to connect with each other outside of life’s daily hustle and bustle.  We had a wonderful time, bringing together inspiring members of the Semble community, coming together to spawn new ideas, strengthen existing connections and forge new ones.

“Being at a festival like Seed really draws changemakers together from a lot of fields, but who are united by a cause. Spending time with people that are making change on a local, national, or global level was a very powerful experience.”  Josie, Semble team. 

We hosted a range of practical workshops – making seed bombs and beeswax wraps – and talks on community-based action including ‘How to build a movement’ and ‘Storytelling for impact’.

But we were there to learn from our community as much as we were there to share our skills.

Semble stars Cultivate Cornwall ran inspiring workshops, explaining how they’re building skills and combating isolation through their work with textiles, while our friends at The Curator Educator ran creative workshops for families, including rock painting. Local hero Christian also ran tours to the Bee Observatory he created as an education tool for children and adults.

We came away buzzing with ideas. One topic that we spoke to a lot of people about was the circular economy.

“I’d heard of it before, but had never really taken the opportunity to delve into it more fully, and see how I could incorporate it into my life. I’m planning a big celebration at the moment and dipping more into the circular economy made me think of the waste that can come out of these events, and what steps I can take to mitigate this.” Josie, Semble team.

If you’re also interested in learning more about it, this podcast from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation is a great resource, as is ‘Exploring Donut Economics’ by Kate Raworth who we had the pleasure of meeting!

We also learnt some great tips on how to reduce plastic at home from Claudie Williams. Claudie began an experiment in plastic-free living with her family in 2016. She shared her top three tips with us.

“I came away from Seed with so many ideas. Particularly around the importance of direct action. Ideation and digital activism have an important role to play. But we need to remember to come out from behind our screens and put ideas into actions!” Lorna, Semble team. 

What does coming together inspire in you? Let us know on social media @SembleUK or online by simply setting up a blog on the platform. Look forward to hearing from you!

P.S. To Semble isn’t in the dictionary … yet. It’s a word we thought the world needed. So we made it up. Think it deserves a spot in the dictionary? Us too.

About the Author:

Chloe works to ensure Semble comms are inspiring and impactful. She’s dedicated to nourishing, strengthening and growing our community through awesome communications. Inspiring and empowering others is what lights her up. When not at work Chloe is happiest in the sea, in a forest, on a yoga mat or lying in the sun.