Semblers do festivities


It’s been a busy year at Semble HQ with the momentous transition from Project Dirt to Semble. We’ve turned Project Dirt upside down and the process has been a rollercoaster of hardwork and satisfaction! We were really happy to slow down and wind down together at our end of year away day.

Our stomping grounds 

We all share a passion for the outdoors and time in nature is something and we grab any opportunity to get out for a stomp or a dig. Naturally, a midwinter walk was a key part of the day. With full flasks we took off for our walk around Regents Park. However, never known to do anything without purpose, it should be a walk with an objective.

Our walk quickly turned into a team building competition as Dominika handed out treasure trail maps, clues an instruction that the first ones back at the pub win. A treasure trail is basically a treasure hunt where you become detectives looking for clues, designed to get people out and about exploring somewhere new. They were initially designed primarily for families, but us adults need time for play too!

We chose a beautiful route through Regents Park in central London, split into two teams and raced each other to gather our clues. The team’s competitive spirit certainly came out – the race to complete the trail first was taken very seriously by both teams!

Despite the race we paused to admire the heron, feed the ducks and admire the range of habitats. I was struck by how much life was buzzing around us in the midst of winter, and the light was magical as the sun set.

The mix of getting out into nature while also spending time with our growing team was exactly what we needed to rest and reset, ready for planning 2019.

Time away from the office at this time of year is a great opportunity to get some space to reflect and refocus after the achievements, challenges and developments of a busy year.

A team activity or challenge adds a great team bonding element. Volunteering away days make great team building opportunities and can make a great end of year away day. Last year we got super crafty making Christmas wreaths with Thrive Battersea  – it was so much fun to get hands on with such a great project and having something to take home.

Could you tie in a volunteer day with your team as a team-building away day next festive season?

Getting active and purposeful together makes the pints taste even tastier afterwards. Ours certainly did! Or could you host team away days at your project as a means of extra income?

About the Author:

Chloe works to ensure Semble comms are inspiring and impactful. She’s dedicated to nourishing, strengthening and growing our community through awesome communications. Inspiring and empowering others is what lights her up. When not at work Chloe is happiest in the sea, in a forest, on a yoga mat or lying in the sun.