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  • Doorways

    Welcome to some thinkpieces on our new London Sustainable Schools Forum project: Doorways. It has been launched in a time of crisis when the ‘doorways’ in the places we live, work and shop have a whole new significance. There are eight Doorways (to sustainable schools resources) in our project. It doesn’t matter Read more [...]

  • Christchurch School Community Garden

    We love improving green space, project after project, here at Christchurch School Community Garden. We aim to create a beautiful space filled with colour and wildlife, one plant at a time. Since we started in October 2017, we have welcomed hundreds of visitors on our weekly Open Fridays and Weekend Read more [...]

  • Collierley Garden

    Funding was awarded to improve our gardening facilities.  We built seven raised beds which the children have enjoyed planting a range of vegetables in and tending to them during playtimes and lunchtimes. A local garden centre kindly donated some vegetables to get us started. We have had a bumper crop Read more [...]

  • Dear London Teacher

    Launching on Tuesday 11th June 2019, our latest ’33’ project entitled Dear London Teacher will highlight ​33 great opportunities ​for London Schools to prepare for London Climate Action Week* (1-8 June 2019). The project has the hashtag: ‘Love London. Love the World.’ This series of blogs aims to: Connect London’s Read more [...]

  • Royd Community Gardens

    This is a large grassed area, the local council have given it to us provided we can turn it into something wonderful for our community. We have so far made a beautiful top garden, 3 large high planters for wheelchair users, 4 giant tractor tyres for children, these are all Read more [...]

  • New Scotland Hill Sensory Garden

    New Scotland Hill Primary School is very passionate about creating a sensory garden for all of its pupils to enjoy.  A sensory garden is a fun educational tool that allows children to explore and learn about their senses and nature, and generally interact with the environment around them.  We hope the Read more [...]

  • Springfield’s Sensory Garden

    We are creating a sensory garden in our little orchard so the children can use the space to  investigate through touch, feel and smell. Also giving them the opportunity  to grow plants and produce.

  • Science and Environment Club

    Our initial aim is to make students aware of their impact on their immediate environment and to help support the natural wildlife. We currently have unused waste land within our school grounds that we want to tidy up and grow herbs, vegetables and flowers to develop into a garden for Read more [...]

  • From Plant to Plate

    We are a large primary school in a busy town. We are recreating our own vegetable garden and Eco system. The children will be responsible to grow, cultivate and harvest their own food. This will result in them being able to design and create their own meals within the home Read more [...]

  • Chase Bridge Primary School Apiary

    Chase Bridge first opened as a Primary School in 1953. Today we are a three form entry Community Primary School and nursery in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, with about 640 pupils. We are very excited to introduce the merits of beekeeping into the school for Spring 2019.  Read more [...]

  • Sensory Garden Project

    A group of dedicated and enthusiastic pupils who are trying to create a sensory garden within the school grounds. The idea behind the sensory garden is to create a more engaging and relaxing space for all pupils to enjoy and this facility would particularly be of benefit to our many Read more [...]

  • Rhyl Primary Community Bakery

    We are passionate about food education at our school. As part of our outreach work, we are developing our ‘Growing Ideas’ enterprise work – specifically training up parents and carers to bake bread for sale in our wood fired oven. Thanks to a kind grant from the First500 fund, we purchased Read more [...]

  • Trinity Academy going green!

    This year our academy has a strong focus on recycling, composting and becoming a greener academy! We will also post about our Trinity Farm. All of our students are always interested to get involved with our outdoor projects across the full campus, especially with our lovely farm animals!

  • Be The Change Liverpool

    Be The Change is the positive litter solution education programme and award scheme from Surfers Against Sewage and the Greggs Foundation. Be The Change encourages students to recognise that they have a leading role to play in tackling the litter crisis, while inspiring and empowering them to create and deliver Read more [...]

  • Wildflower Meadow

    We are creating a large wildflower meadow in our school grounds.  This will link in with the conservation we already do and the Forest School that runs every day rain or shine. We have a mound of grass that is unused by the children due to one steep side which Read more [...]

  • Growing Learners

    The Superlearners’ class want to create a school playground that all the children can enjoy and become involved in; by growing flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables, supported by Greggs Foundation Environmental Grant.

  • Echelwood

    We have planted some 420 trees in our spacious outdoor area, and are running Forest Schools programmes across the school ages to enable more children to gain a greater appreciation of their outdoor surroundings. We have been very fortunate to get sponsorship by way of a grant from Greggs to Read more [...]

  • Be The Change Bristol

    Our ‘Be The Change’ programme tours the UK and highlights the importance of clean, happy community spaces and encourages, informs, inspires and empowers young people and the communities they represent to find POSITIVE solutions to the current litter crisis. Be The Change is a free interactive education programme and award Read more [...]

  • Greenholm Primary School Farm

    We have been allowed to take ownership of a field behind the school, which is landlocked and owned by the local authority. It is 5.2 acres and we plan to develop a school farm, and an area for the children to do PE.

  • Be The Change – North East Tour

    Let the Anti-Litter education tour begin!  With the start of the new school year comes an exciting step for our anti-litter education programme Be The Change. In collaboration with our friends at the Greggs Foundation we are delighted to announce that Be The Change will be setting off on tour Read more [...]

  • Our Allotment

    Ebbw Fawr Wellbeing Centre pupils would like the chance to help the environment and become more sufficient and independent as learners and young adults. The Wellbeing Centre provides support for pupils with emotional, social and behavioural issues. The allotment and garden area that pupils would like to create will also Read more [...]

  • Growing fruit and vegetables

    Pupils and staff at Dunblane Primary School have been busy planting, growing and now harvesting some of our fruit and vegetables which we have grown in the school grounds.  We have 8 planters and several large boxes for potatoes.  The pupils will then be making healthy meals in the school Read more [...]

  • Lovelace Gardening Club Sensory Garden

    We are a large, thriving primary school with a BIG heart, educating children in the localities of Hook & Chessington, Surrey.  Situated in the south west of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, on the very edge of the greenbelt, we benefit from an extensive, green and beautiful school Read more [...]

  • Fancy a Dip!

    Designing and landscaping approximately 2 acres of school grounds to provide improved drainage, mature trees and shrubs, wildlife meadow areas, a wildlife pond, fire-pit area and field shelter/hide. 

  • Argyle Primary School

    Argyle Primary is a fully inclusive community school that welcomes children and families from a wide variety of backgrounds. Though there are currently children from 23 ethnic backgrounds who speak over 25 languages, they are one strong school community, united by a clear set of values and ambitions.

  • Flixton Infant School PTA

    We are using money we have raised to help build an amazing outdoor learning area for our school. It will be used by all of the school to learn about life outdoors, how food grows, and give them a chance to learn in a great new environment. It will also Read more [...]

  • Brunswick Primary School Garden

    The Brunswick Primary School gardening project will heighten children’s awareness and appreciation for the environment. Pupils will acquire gardening skills while learning about healthy eating. As well as attracting wildlife, the garden will provide a sanctuary for disadvantaged children. We will work with the local community to ensure the project is Read more [...]

  • Manor Garden 2 Plate Project

    Manor School is developing our “Garden 2 Plate” programme by further establishing our allotment. We use this to teach pupils where food comes from and to encourage them to eat different fruit & veg. We have already found when pupils were involved with sowing, harvesting and preparation, they were more enthusiastic Read more [...]

  • St George’s Gardening Club

    The project will establish a lunchtime/after school gardening club for young people. The club will work to create a sensory garden for use by their peers and in particular learners with learning difficulties and disabilities. The club will ‘adopt’ areas around the campus for the development of the sensory garden Read more [...]

  • Manor Community Academy Allotment

    To develop an allotment for the benefit of students from Manor Community Academy teaching various subjects and practical skills in an outdoor classroom environment. Greggs Foundation Grant is helping the project by funding gardening equipment and materials such as tools, fencing and  compost as well as a wildlife area and Read more [...]

  • Peace Garden

    We are building a Peace Garden at the front entrance of our school to give the children somewhere to go to sit and reflect about the children and staff we have lost and give them time for quiet.

  • School Gardening Project

    A school gardening project is a great way to get our children exercising out in the fresh air, and we recognise the importance of young people experiencing the world beyond the classroom as part of their learning and development. Contact with the natural world can be wonderfully nurturing for our Read more [...]

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