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    The aim of SAS’s Protect Our Waves petition is to generate 100,000 signatures to highlight the value of surfing waves and locations to the UK government and encourage MPs to debate legislation in order to recognise the importance of waves as a cultural, social, economic and environmental asset to coastal communities.

    SAS believes that waves and surf spots deserve to be recognised as part of UK heritage and should be afforded greater recognition and protection through debate and legislation. Waves are an important and necessary part of the workings of our planet, transferring the sun’s energy around the globe. Surfing beaches and waves also have a deep personal value to surfers and surfing communities around the UK. However, in the UK there is currently no specific legislation for the protection of surfing waves or any assurance that stakeholders, including surfers and surfing communities in Wales, Northern Ireland or England, will be consulted fairly on activities threatening their existence. Other sports and activities such as walking and sailing are formally recognised, represented and consulted during many new development processes. Other areas of outstanding beauty and countryside sites are also protected. But politicians, developers and the wider public in general have very little knowledge of the value, uniqueness and finite nature of surfing waves taking into account the unique geological and climatic conditions required to produce good quality surfing waves. Politicians typically give only cursory consideration to the impacts on local coastal communities, despite the fact that the waves can be central to their existence. We are also seeing growing evidence that the Government is showing a bias towards coastal intervention, together with a stance increasingly in favour of developers. SAS is campaigning to increase public awareness and develop a greater understanding amongst policy makers that waves are a vital part of the socio-economic fabric of many UK coastal communities, and it is essential that wave-centric communities can amplify their concerns so that irreversible damage is not done to our waves and surfing beaches. I’m signing the POW Petition to help protect surf spots, waves and beaches for this and future generations. Clean, perfect waves and great surf spots are a finite natural resource just like our forests, lakes and mountains, and we must ensure they are protected from over-development, pollution and other environmental threats such as marine litter. Ben Skinner, 10x European Longboard Champion.

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