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    ONE DAY FREE OF POVERTY across the whole of North Essex

    “As I was getting out of my car to deliver the Christmas hampers. The father of the family was walking towards his house. He was very upset he had just returned from trying to borrow just a little money from several Pay day loan companies to give his family food and just a few little gifts for Christmas. Every single company had turned him down. He was at his wits end, very upset and felt that he had let his family down. How wonderful was it to open the boot of my car and show him the food and toys donated. He could not believe it. He actually wept in the street in front of me”

    Following a call from a school welfare officer four years ago I discovered that there were three families in her school that were so poor, there would be no presents at the end of the bed for the children on Christmas morning.

    Whilst that in itself seemed bad worse was yet to come.

    The families relied on Foodbanks and charity to eat so there would be very limited or in some cases no Food on the table either.

    My friends donated money and new toys, volunteers wrapped, shopped and delivered.

    This enabled us to give hampers containing

    All the ingredients of breakfast, cereals, bread, butter, beans, eggs, milk, sugar, tea, coffee, fruit juice and Yoghurt

    Turkey, fresh vegetables, pigs in Blankets, gravy, cranberry sauce, Yorkshire puds.

    Desert; fruit and mince Pies, custard, cream

    Tea; Ham, cheese, crisps, crackers, bread Butter, pickles, Jam, chocolate spread, peanut butter, cakes, jellies, biscuits, soft drinks.

    We also put in treats, tins of chocolates, sweets, a chocolate drink and chocolate biscuits to eat before bed, carrots for reindeers, mince pies for Santa.

    We add other things; Sanitary products for families with teenage girls, toilet rolls, soap, washing up liquid.

    We wrap all of the donated presents and add a sack for the end of the bed.

    Most importantly we give each family £20 for electric and gas so they can cook the food and keep the house warm.

    In these difficult times I want to add £5 for the phone so they can call relatives,

    We will ask the Fire service to deliver all the hampers, they can then check that smoke alarms are working and if necessary fit new ones completely free of charge.

    The whole thing creates for the very poorest in our community


    “My wife passed away in June after suffering Cancer for nearly two years. I had to give up work look after her and our children. Your help was a wonderful lift”

    I am sorry it is just one day but Christmas to us is the best and happiest family day in the year. For far too many it is a day of despair, dejection and misery.

    It is the boom time of the year for unscrupulous illegal money lenders.

    Creating Fear and misery for years to come. I can show so many families that have lifted themselves out of this poverty with just a tiny bit of help.

    Year one we helped 27 families, Year two 52, Year three 87 this year we are despite the awful times we are having we are aiming for 100.

    On average creating one day free of poverty costs between £80 and £100 per family

    This means that we need to aim for £10,000 of donations this year.

    This to me seems totally, completely and utterly unobtainable. That is what keeps me awake nights.

    I will make several promises to you


    We have learned that there are so many ways for a family to end up in poverty, Unemployment, illness, mental illness, death, domestic abuse, financial abuse, learning difficulties, desertion of a partner, addiction, entering marriage creating children whilst far too immature, bad support and advice. The list is endless.


    All of our referrals come from School welfare officers, social care, charities, family solutions, district nurses, doctors, family solutions all working closely with these families. All aware of the criteria and professionals in assessing real poverty and need


    We in NEST are all fantastic volunteers taking no expenses often spending their own money to make this and other wonderful things happen.

    I will personally pay the fees taken from the just giving page so you will know all of your money will go to the cause.

    J G Tendring areaThankyou Thankyou Thankyou for our Xmas food and wonderful presents for the children. It seems like a lifetime since we had the fun and laughter enjoyed this Christmas.

    In closing ( Finally!!)

    £10,000 is an awful lot of money but the poverty is real, it is in our community, our neighbourhood.

    Last year 327 Children woke up on Christmas morning expecting Nothing.

    Children are resilient they know their parents/carers are poor they know they are poor. They accept there will be like every other day little or nothing for them.

    Last year these 327 children woke upon Christmas day and found presents at the end of their bed. Their Home was warm. They could hear/smell breakfast being prepared. Their parents were smiling.

    They knew there was nothing coming the only solution must be Santa is real

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