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    Voices for Nature are story tellers for social justice and saving our planet. We base our work on a specially written eco-thriller set in Brazil’s rainforests. Brazil is bankrupt and the Amazon rainforest is up for auction….

    We have entered Richard Branson’s #VOOM2016 competition with the pitch Make Jabujicaba The Movie

    This is a MASSIVE grassroots project from Oxford aiming to reframe global environmental and social justice debate in a POSITIVE way that empowers changed thinking and behaviour to our world, especially amongst young people. 

    The VOOM competition opened on 4th April and runs 14 weeks. The first stage is for public voting which runs until 25th May 2016. Only the top projects with the most votes proceed to the next stage which consists of making live pitches in a ‘pitchathon’. The finalists pitch to Richard Branson and his team. The prizes are cash and in kind. SO FAR WE ARE ON THE LEADER BOARD but we need to stay there and mobilise all the grassroots support we can.

    We are in the category of Start-up, Impact (as in social/environmental) Great (i.e. Britain going global) and also Crowd Funding. The winner of the crowd-funding category also receives a cash prize. We have selected to keep all the funds raised rather than going for the more risky all or nothing option.

    More information on #VOOM2016 and how it all works.

    wlt_logo_250FFlogo2wOur pitch is raising funds for our movie Jabujicaba and also two important conservation projects in Brazil:

    – Olympic Forest Reserve Appeal in the endangered Atlantic Rainforest with the World Land Trust and their local partners REGUA

    – pilot crowd-funded conservation project in the Amazon with the Forest Fund.

    Please support us by VOTING FOR  Make Jabujicaba the Movie (once you click and reach our project on #VOOM2016 you will be asked to log in with your Facebook or Linked-In account. You will also be given the opportunity to say you do not want to be contacted or sent marketing information). Once logged in you can also PLEDGE.

    If you just want to know about our pitch, read on here!



    (pronounced Dja-boo-djee-kah-ba)

    Novel, Theatre, Film and Debate


    WE ARE story-tellers who inspire and engage new action to protect and conserve Brazil’s rainforests.

    WE BELIEVE that stories are powerful tools for learning and catalysts for change. That is why we write, act, direct, debate, film our rainforest stories – and sometimes rap.

    WE FOUNDED Voices for Nature in June 2014 (a not-for-profit company) and began to test our ideas.

    We have lots of amigos no Brasil. Oi todos os nossos amigos! (hi!).

    Jabujicaba is our eco-thriller set in Brazil. Brazil is bankrupt and the Amazon is up for auction…. Our novel is a redemption myth. Screenplay tasters daily on our FB page.

    Jabujicaba‘s characters are on learning journeys which lead them (and the reader) to ask FUNDAMENTAL questions about Brazil’s rainforests, about our relationship with the natural world and with each other. And, of course, take individual action together to save it!

    Using Jabujicaba we at Voices for Nature work with young people in UK secondary schools to debate issues raised in the novel from the view point of its characters. In 2014/5 we successfully piloted the Jabuji Debates as our flagship project. We rolled the pilot out 2015/6 as a national competition. The JABUJI DEBATES 2106 finals were hosted and supported by Eton College (as was the pilot). The finalists were sixth formers from state schools in Kent, London and Berkshire. A very senior Master of Eton College sent us an e-mail after attending the Jabuji Debate finals writing “I thought that this was an extraordinary day giving an unprecedented opportunity for young people to have an accelerated development of a range of skills. I do hope that we can continue from where we have left off in the future. Thank you for bringing this idea to us.”

    NOW WE WANT to do just that: ‘Continue from where we have left off’ and RAMP UP OUR IMPACT. To do so we need YOUR HELP.

    Voices for Nature is making a BIG SCREEN MOVIE based on Jabujicaba The screenplay is written. We have high profile support from famous names in the business, conservationists, anthropologists and others, in the UK and Brazil. The production company Jabujicaba Ltd is formed and we are in the final stages of development.

    A movie reaches MILLIONS with its messages. It also drives the sales of the book on which it is based. For us this is a SIMPLE VIRTUOUS CIRCLE. Audience + Readers + Royalties = More Audience + More Readers + More Royalties. This will allow Voices for Nature to:

    Place the Jabuji Debates permanently on the UK school calendar The Jabuji Debates are the first dedicated environmental geo-political debates in the UK.

    Kickstart another innovative conservation project owned by young people In 2015 we financially supported Uncharted Amazon as executive producers. Three young grads made a professional feature-length documentary to raise awareness of the threat of illegal logging in a remote and endangered part of the Amazon. Released in December 2015, Uncharted Amazon has already been snapped up by public television in France and Germany and a global distribution deal has just been signed. The guys are now thinking filming in cloud forests…

    This year we are helping The Forest Fund get off the ground. It is a ground-breaking crowdfunded conservation pilot, launching on Earth Day 22nd April 2016. The Forest Fund is protecting virgin Amazon rainforest in Brazil which can be LEGALLY deforested.


    Fund more on-the-ground rainforest conservation Our book royalties already support the World Land Trust, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Isle of Wight Zoo. 2016 is Olympic year in Brazil. This crowdfunder will therefore also raise money for the World Land Trust’s OLYMPIC FOREST RESERVE APPEAL with local partners in Brazil REGUA. All good guys – we know them!


    OUR PLEDGE to our supporters is to back every £10 you put into our crowdfunder (up to the asking amount) with £3 of our own personal money and that we will continue to work for free, without claiming expenses.

    OUR ASK is that you help MAKE JABUJICABA – THE MOVIE

    VOTE for us here in #VOOM2016 (you just have to verify you are legitimate with your e-mail address)

    SUPPORT our crowdfunder with a donation and spread the word about our work


    We will have a real chance of winning this competition to help make our movie happen.


    You will accelerate our film development so we can launch our equity-based crowdfunder for film production this SUMMER 2016, piggy-backing off the interest in Brazil raised by the Olympics.


    £60,000 on film development – polishing the SCRIPT, shooting the promo TRAILER on location with Yrsa Daley-Ward (in lead role as Carmen), preparing LINE BUDGETS, negotiating with co-producers, supporters, raising production money through an equity crowd funder. We will make Jabujicaba Ltd come alive.

    £30,000 to build a network of school champions for our debates over the next two years. We will build resources and train teacher/pupil champions. We will also regionally replicate our forum theatre The Amazon Auction. Our final performance takes place in the University of Oxford Botanic Gardens with Wheatley Park School. Our dress rehearsal will be part of Voices for Nature’s Amazon Rainforest Day at the Oxford Festival of the Arts. Both events are in June 2016.

    £10,000 divided between the Forest Fund and Olympic Reserve Appeal (also matched by our money).

    Anything (more or less) will be shared as above proportionately.

    Our FOLLOWING is growing – we have 1000 books in circulation, 2999 followers on facebook (author Rosa da Silva) and nearly 390 likes on Jabujicaba book FB pages, over 7000 followers on three linked twitter accounts, nearly 10,000 new users on website We also have our own Wikipedia page with wide stakeholder support. Pra nossos amigos no Brasil, download gratuito em português.



    THANK YOU to everybody who has helped us so far but especially:

    The team

    Clelia Goodchild (Heart of the Mata); Verity White (Five Films); Ben Johnston (film); Bethan John (Wildlands Creative); Nicole Collet (translator, author); Rob Flavin; Ellie Warnick (journalist); Henry Rivers (That Cover); Alissa Bray; Leah Bray (artist); Toby Jones; Alex Collins; Klara Hansen; Gaby Docherty and last but not least Yrsa Daley-Ward (‘the face of Carmen’) and Ruby Crepin-Glyne (‘the face of Rosa da Silva’)

    Our collaborators

    First and foremost before all: Kerri Hicks, Head of Banks Society (and biology teacher), Eton College for having the idea of the Jabuji Debates and driving it forward together with Haroon Shirwani, Head of Debating Society, Eton College, David Anderson, Head of Geography Eton College, Dr Bob Stephenson Lower Master (Deputy Head), Eton College, Gerard Evans, Director of Curriculum Eton College

    Conservationists – Karl Hansen, Living Rainforest, Trust for Sustainable Living; Viv and John Burton, founders The World Land Trust; Christina Ballinger, Dan Bradbury also the World Land Trust; Charlotte Corney, owner, Isle of Wight Zoo; Dr Lee Durrell, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust; Bruce Pearson (wildlife artist); Lee Dingham, Rachel Walls (REGUA reserve); (Lord) Peter Melchett, Director Soil Association, former Executive Director of Greenpeace; Dr Toby Gardener, The Stockholm Environment Institute

    Oxford University anthropologists – especially Dr Elizabeth Rahman; Professor Peter Rivière; Professor David Gellner

    Oxford University modern & medieval linguists – Dr Claire Williams, Dr Claudia Pasos-Alonso

    Oxford University Botanic Gardens – Sarah Lloyd

    Our schools/educational outreach network, especially – Tom Banin (Burnham Grammar); Nick Hayes (Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar); and Claudia Harrison and Jeni May, London Academy of Excellence; Gill Labrum and Aoife Doherty, Windsor Girls School; Ruth Landreth, Joanna Botha, Wheatley Park School; Anaiis Higgins, Anne Cotton, Magdalen College School Arts Festival (also known as Oxford Festival of the Arts); Emma Ford, Royal Anthropological Institute

    Our sponsors Euan Hirst, Blackwells of Oxford (academic bookstore)

    Our film supporters and mentors

    My friend Dr Dolores Martinez (SOAS); my neighbour Andrew Pulver (Guardian film critic); Orlando von Einsiedel (of Virunga, Oscar Nomination fame!); Fernando Meirelles (City of Gods and Constant Gardener, Director); Simon Egan (Producer, The Kings Speech, Bedlam Productions); Leo Barros (Producer, Partner, Conspiracao); Sir David Attenborough; David Ondaatje (producer, screenwriter – my first screenwriting coach); Michael Palin (actor); Stephen Moss (producer, writer); Keith Haviland (Haviland Digital, film producer, Last Man on the Moon); James Cameron (Chairman ODI, barrister, environmentalist, climate change leader who will be the Chairman of Jabujicaba Ltd)

    My friends from/in Brazil

    Alberto Pereira (nick-named Mar by his wife and my ‘bio-pirate’ inspiration!); Eduardo Trani (another name in Jabujicaba), Jorio Dauster; Eliana Zugaib; Gaio H. (who likes to keep a low profile but has opened all my film doors in Brazil)

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