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  • Landshare

    Anyone seen this initiative set up by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: Landshare? It sounds like a great plan to enable those with available unused land that they are willing to share it to connect with those who need/want to grow their own food but don’t have the space. You can sign up Read more [...]

  • Blog Date: Wednesday 12th November

    It’s all rubbish and expensive ••• It is said, that we brits live very wasteful lives compared to other countries. Our carbon footprint is pretty excessive, water usage criminal ••• and our generation of rubbish equally worrying. We’ve definitely been behind the curve on recycling, reuse and composting. I want Read more [...]

  • A Rainy Monday 10th November

    Electric cars – for better or for worse ? It’s crazy if you think about it. To get from A to B in our cars we have to get petrol in the tank. That means searching for oil, drilling for it, extracting it, transporting it, refining it, transporting it again Read more [...]

  • Saturday 8th November

    What’s cooking with Project Dirt’s homepage? We’ve changed the homepage. Why •••? The last one was a bit complicated, didn’t have enough nice pictures ••• it wasn’t personal enough. So – it’s now about chatty blogs, pretty pictures and getting the design cleaned up a bit. It’s good to have Read more [...]

  • Next invisible food walk

    There’s going to be another invisible food walk on Sunday 28th September. We’re going to meet outside the billboards on the corner of Loughborough Road and Coldharbour Lane, very near Loughborough Junction station, at 12 pm on Sunday. we’ll aim to set off about 12.15pm so please arrive on time. Read more [...]

  • Invisible Food on the Loughborough Estate

    This is a project I’m involved in. I’m trying to get local people talking about growing and finding food. Slow process but all good things are slow! Invisible food discovers the wild food growing quietly in the Loughborough area of Brixton; food that can nourish local residents into health and Read more [...]

Showing Blogs 9121-9127 of 9127