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  • In Which I do Things Backwards

    and explain what People’s Republic of Southwark is all about. In too many areas of our lives, there’s an inexplicable amount of tribalism, in which our tribe was better/more interesting/more important/more everything than your one, very much like ‘people’s front of Judea or people’s Judean front’. This never made much Read more [...]

  • Photos and Video from Launch Event are now available

    Hi there! We had our launch event on Sat 22nd Nov 2008. We were thrilled with the turn out and the positive feedback. Video of the event is now available here: And photos are available here: Thanks, Jack

  • 29th November: Buy-Nothing Day!

    OK – so Mark’s right. I HAVE been a bit quiet of late. But I’ve been pretty busy behind the scenes! On Monday and Tuesday this week I went to the Environment Agency conference; loads of big names there, and really quite inspirational. (Well done to Graveney Councillor and Project Read more [...]

  • A very late Wednesday 26th November

    Wandsworth composts only 1.00% of its household waste compared to Harrow at 19.00%. I grabbed the Evening Standard and the customary Yorkie Bar when filling up the scooter this afternoon. There on Page 20, top of the page ••• was evidence that Wandsworth has slipped behind on the composting front. Read more [...]

  • The November Mini eco-fair

    Before I say anything, here’s a massive massive thank you to Sarah, Lynn, Paul, Steve and everyone else at the Spike for hosting the best event so far. On Sunday, the weather could not have been worse and it rained and it was cold and then it rained some more, Read more [...]

  • Monday 24th November

    Project Dirt is racing ahead 49 new members joined last week and things are growing rapidly. This is a quick blog about how we (nick and i) see Project Dirt and our plans to take it forward. Project Dirt IS YOUR SITE. It’s a members site. It’s been set up Read more [...]

  • Blog Post – Thursday 20th November

    The US to lead the way in combating climate change •••? Barack Obama has pledged the US will play their part in renewing and re-invigorating the Kyoto Protocol treaty. It’s a huge U-turn from the Bush administration. Bush withdrew from the treaty in March 2001, saying he didn’t think climate Read more [...]

  • Blog Date – Monday 17th November

    Organic food, pesticides and the credit crunch ••• I’ve always been skeptical of organic food. Not because I don’t think it’s generally better for us, the soil and wildlife. I worry that it gives the consumer the wrong impression of environmentalism – that green is more expensive. Organic food sales Read more [...]

  • Landshare

    Anyone seen this initiative set up by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall: Landshare? It sounds like a great plan to enable those with available unused land that they are willing to share it to connect with those who need/want to grow their own food but don’t have the space. You can sign up Read more [...]

Showing Blogs 9081-9090 of 9096