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  • Tuesday 3rd February

    The 10 min snowy blog post – updated Back from the Futerra meeting now – and all good. Our presentation itself got a bit of a justified shoeing (never been a big power point lad). There was some fantastic constructive feedback flying around the room afterwards, which was great. A Read more [...]

  • Linking Up London

    I ahve just started a new PD group to act as a focus for discussion on the upcoming Linking Up London. The aim is to use this to bring together people interested in this event for a discussion in advance.

  • Thursday 29th January

    Green Innovation and the importance of reliable information With humans finding it almost impossible to buck the trend of oozing carbon in their lifestyles and businesses, is new green technology the only salvation? My answer is no. If only things were that simple. I’ll explain: The relationship between green innovation Read more [...]

  • Monday 26th January

    The Balham Bowls Club gets a green make over GREEN DRINKS ARE THURSDAY WEEK. I hope everyone’s coming along – there should be a good crowd. We’re hoping to drag the Peckham and SE London gang down as well ••• including green fingered Iris from Devonshire Road and South London Read more [...]

  • Thursday 22nd January

    Should green companies make profits? The business sector examined. I’ve moved office recently – and have settled into life at the Hub in Kings X (York Way). The Hub is absolutely superb, a god-send in today’s whirlwind of corporate offices, narrow thinking and short termism. So, having settled in (between Read more [...]

  • Monday 19th January

    Could our grandchildren miss out on glaciers? Being positive lads here at Project Dirt, we like to try and report on good things. On progress made and events that spark debate. This isn’t always possible though. So being an avid mountain climber, I couldn’t resist covering the plight of our Read more [...]

  • Thursday 15th January

    A dark day in British environmentalism – The “disgraceful” third runway is approved Geoff Hoon announced today that the third runway at Heathrow Airport with go-ahead. He says it’s right for the country, the capital and the economy. The decision comes amid significant opposition from MPs, The Mayor, local resident Read more [...]

  • Monday 12th January

    Plane mad Hundreds, if not thousands of protestors are descending to Heathrow this afternoon to protest over plans to build a third runway. Terminal 1 is likely to be targeted with protestors looking to stage a two day sit in, similar to the scenario in Bangkok last year. The departure Read more [...]

  • Friday 9th January

    London Rivers to be restored by the Environment Agency The EA (Environment Agency) plans to restore a number of rivers currently buried under London’s monolithic concrete foundations, The Guardian reports . Referred to London’s “lost rivers” the EA is conducting a national plan to revive 92 urban rivers in the Read more [...]

  • Logs wanted.

    Is there anyone selling firwood locally? I am looking into installing a woodfired oven, and need to research sources of firewood. I can find commercial firms and Tree Surgeons, but I wonder if there is anyone local, a furniture maker or builder who has regular supplies.

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