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  • Fuel poverty?

    I would very much like to get involved with people specifically working on fuel poverty – if anyone can advise me I’d be grateful! Many thanks, Carey

  • Thursday 19th February

    Social networking is bad for you… •••Or so claims a report in the “Biologist” journal today. The report blames social networking for increasing the risk of health problems as serious as cancer, strokes, heart disease and dementia by altering the way genes work. Now, no-one claimed that the use of Read more [...]

  • Sunday 15th February

    Are CO2 target treaties useless? The institute of mechanical engineers has released a report that fires a shot across treaties that look to reduce CO2 through target making. In a perhaps somewhat controversial stance the report says that “CO2 reduction treaties are useless” the we should accept the world is Read more [...]

  • sustainable energy

    two books worth reading and

  • Thursday 12th February

    Sustainable Communities Act Tuesday’s meeting at the Houses of Parliament had a wonderful turn out which was a delight for the speakers. The legislation has been a long time coming and after quite a battle, was finally passed by Parliament in 2007. The idea is that government will essentially devolve Read more [...]

  • The Spray Vessel

    Here’s something I’ve wanted to air since my jolly Sunday jaunt down to the Royal Geographical Society a couple of weeks ago for the IQ2 Green Festival. One of the lectures I attended was given by Professor Stephen Slater of Edinburgh University who, rather than engage such laymen as myself Read more [...]

  • Tuesday 10th February

    Job Opportunity: Community Action on Climate Change in Tooting A quick blog post to highlight the role London 21 is looking to fill asap. Chris Church (chair of London 21) is actively involved with us at Project Dirt – and has always been on hand to answer questions and steer Read more [...]

  • Tuesday 10th February

    Sponsored Running ••• I wanted to raise some money for Cystic Fibrosis and Multiple Sclerosis because both have affected close family members. So after a quick chat with a mate (who runs marathons in his sleep) it was decided a run was the best way forward – with the route Read more [...]

  • Reclaiming the Westcombe Commons

    I have just returned from the Westcombe Society’s community party where much was discussed. The council land at the back of the Community Centre is on the verge of being sold off by the council for more property development. We need people to support the retention of the land as Read more [...]


    just discovered this if u register online they will send you a pack of seeds for bee friendly plants to help the bee population grow and prospor az they seem to have declining availability of habitats at the moment… enjoy!

Showing Blogs 9061-9070 of 9119