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  • Wednesday 1st April

    The Climate Camp 12.30 Swoop It worked! “A good turnout” according to a dedicated twitterer; people poured in from all corners as they synchronised their watches to get to the Climate Camp at 12.30 down at Bishopsgate. And what a gorgeous day for it too. So far the protesters have Read more [...]

  • Elephant and Castle, Unregenerated

    The Elephant and Castle Regeneration has come to a standstill, partly because of no money, and possibly because of some seriously bad planning. Elephant and Castle is very much a focal point in Southwark, and I believe that whatever happens with it, will affect everyone in Southwark, from Camberwell to Read more [...]

  • Monday 30th March

    Linking up London Workshop On 2nd April (this Thursday), London 21 is holding it’s Annual General Meeting. London 21 Sustainability Network promotes, supports and networks community-based initiatives for a greener and more sustainable Greater London. Linking up London Part of the London 21 meeting will be a workshop ‘Linking up Read more [...]

  • Thursday 26th March

    It’s the big turn off ••• for the right reasons The WWF is promoting its Earth Hour event this Saturday at 8.30pm. It’s a time when people, businesses and councils turn off their lights for an hour to raise awareness of climate change. The WWF want to reach 1 billion Read more [...]

  • Monday 23rd March

    Protesting – the dawn of a new era •••? There’s lots of chat about the G20 (1st and 2nd April) and the protests being organised in London (especially around the Excel arena – where it’s being held). Protests are hugely important parts of being a democracy in my mind. If Read more [...]

  • Our tyre wall progresses!

    We are building this rammed earth, tyre retained wall (note all materials saved from landfill!) to keep train noise out of our otherwise peaceful site! It looks a bit crude at the moment (although not as bad as I had thought), but we won’t stop here. The inside will be Read more [...]

  • we20 and Project Dirt

    Hi All I was alerted to Project Dirt as I’m part of a new initiative called we20. we20 enables anyone to have their own G20 meetings to develop plans for the future. These plans may address a local, national or global problem or address individual behaviour change. we20 are encouraging Read more [...]

  • PD presentation in Woking

    Did a presentation today on innovative ideas in London for the Woking ‘Our World’ sustainability conference. lots of interest in PD and some dieas on how this might work in smaller places than London. Presenting on Monday on ‘creative instruments for behaviour change’ (PD again!) at the European Civil Society Read more [...]

Showing Blogs 9001-9010 of 9088