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  • Transition Town Tooting

    Transition Town Tooting explores how the lovely, diverse & unusual south-west London community of Tooting can respond to the challenges and opportunities of community sustainability and climate change. Join us to plan a brighter future for Tooting! Please have a look at our whole history on our blog at

  • IT Support

    This page is where to find help and technical support for setting up your projects and carrying out other activities on Project Dirt. If you would like to ever go back to the old site, you can access it at:

  • Cod/Scampi Awareness

    Cod is being hunted to the point of extinction whilst Scampi trawling is devastating the sea bed. Greater awareness amongst consumers is needed to put to a stop to these.

  • Balham composters

    We are a group of dedicated composters looking to spread the … err, dirt? We are working to encourage people in Balham & Tooting to compost more, more often.

Showing Projects 3771-3776 of 3776