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  • Staff Room

    A project to help teachers promote sustainability in schools. Resources, ideas and knowledge to help teachers encourage sustainability.

  • Catalyst course

    Catalyst is a 5-day residential course for 18 – 25 year olds run by Embercombe, a charity, social enterprise and centre of inspiration for sustainable living.

  • Green Homes Green Communities

    Green Communities is the department of Green Homes Concierge responsible for linking our service with existing community networks. Whether you are a Green Homes customer already or a group/individual wanting to know more, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Wandsworth Environment Forum

    The Wandsworth Environment Forum (WEF) is a voluntary ‘umbrella’ group of individuals and representatives of organisations local to Wandsworth, which works to enable its members to act in the borough’s environmental decision-making processes.

  • Clapham Roof Garden

    We are a community of 6 flats and have a large roof terrace at the top of the property. We are looking into planting our own vegtables and fruits – which we'll be able to eat ourselves. Marks going to do a trial run first on his own balcony…

  • Nick and Mark’s Open Office

    Nick and Mark founded Project Dirt. We’re really keen to work in a completely transparent environment – so that all members can see the decisions we are having to make and the course of action we are choosing.Comments, support and critism all welcome

  • The Rant Wall!

    Project Dirt needs a space to let off steam, and come together to think up practical solutions to the issues we face everyday in trying to make the world a better place.

  • South London Permaculture

    SLP run a number of eco events throughout the year. These include kids activities, adult education, festivals, talks and demonstrations, and design consultation and implementation.

  • Hyde Farm Climate Action Network

    Hyde Farm CAN is a network of 200 households who live on or near the Hyde Farm estate and want to do more to reduce their impact on the environment. We get together socially and exchange knowledge and ideas. We organise practical events and have fun!

  • Transition Town Brixton

    TTB is part of a growing global movement to harness the genius of the community to vision, plan and pioneer the pathway to a low energy future that is BETTER than the present. Also to reskill and build a resilient community in Brixton.

Showing Projects 3751-3760 of 3769