• Slade Area Gardening Enthusiasts (SAGE)

    The Slade Area is in Tonbridge, a village within the town, with an active Residents’ Association. Starting the exciting transformation of a piece of waste ground into allotments for the local community. More enthusiasm than expertise at present.

  • Devonshire Road Nature Reserve

    Devonshire Road Nature Reserve forms part of the Forest Hill to New Cross Gate railway cutting. This is a Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation. THANKS TO PROJECT DIRT & TIMBERLAND!! 

  • Organic Gardening

    If you are interested in growing food and beautiful flowers without using non-renewable resources, without polluting the environment and without killing wildlife then Organic Gardening is for you.

  • Wandsworth Green Pledgers

    Network with like-minded Green Pledgers, and post your experiences and tips to inspire others. Our Green Blog: Keep up with environmental news from the council at www.wandsworth.gov.uk/blog/ourgreenblog For all local news follow www.twitter.com/wandbc. 

  • South London Low Carbon Communities

    The South London Low Carbon Communities (LCC) group first met in parallel with the LCC national conference in October 2008. This Project Dirt group is to help provide better links between the groups and enable us to see what each other is doing!

  • Staff Room

    A project to help teachers promote sustainability in schools. Resources, ideas and knowledge to help teachers encourage sustainability.

  • Catalyst course

    Catalyst is a 5-day residential course for 18 – 25 year olds run by Embercombe, a charity, social enterprise and centre of inspiration for sustainable living.

  • Green Homes Green Communities

    Green Communities is the department of Green Homes Concierge responsible for linking our service with existing community networks. Whether you are a Green Homes customer already or a group/individual wanting to know more, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Wandsworth Environment Forum

    The Wandsworth Environment Forum (WEF) is a voluntary ‘umbrella’ group of individuals and representatives of organisations local to Wandsworth, which works to enable its members to act in the borough’s environmental decision-making processes.

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