Our Semble snapshot – resolving to be restless in 2019


As humans, we have always searched for a sense of belonging, whether that comes from family or from a chosen family we find through shared interests. We all want to find, to contribute and to belong in a community.

Now more than ever, there is momentum building as more and more people get involved in supporting their local community. Businesses are becoming an important force for good in local communities. We’re seeing the impact of this consistently increasing. 

Semble (formerly Project Dirt) helps businesses and community projects with shared visions find each other so they can work together to grow their impact. We’re excited to be a leading thread in the patchwork of people and organisations that are making positive change happen in their local communities. Our new platform is a place for community projects to join our directory of thousands of projects around the UK, access funding and volunteers, and share stories to inspire more change.

Our Semble Snapshot

The new year is a great time to look back on all that has been achieved in the previous year and look ahead with anticipation for what’s to come. There’s no better way to appreciate all the team work, new partnerships forged, inspiring stories and incredible impact, than through a snapshot of some of the highlights.

From ‘Refilling’ bottles in London to taking over 3.5 million children outdoors across 113 countries around the world through Outdoor Classroom Day, we witnessed local community action turn into national and international movements.

We helped local community heroes transform their run-down community centre into a thriving hub of community activity. And we were present when a community football team in Scotland that supports men with mental health problems received their brand new kit and equipment.

We have come together and we’ve felt privileged to work with the awesome teams on these inspiring and impactful campaigns.

These are just some of the highlight stories from the past year. Our Semble platform is bursting with other incredible stories that will continue unfolding this year.


Resolving to be restless in 2019

We plan to carry this restless energy into 2019. The growing Semble team is dedicated to working with community project champions, corporate leaders and everyone interested in supporting local community action. The Semble crew has almost doubled in size since last year! Check out the new and familiar faces.

Have you heard the news?

We’re sure you have. But as this is a nod to all the exciting happenings in 2018, we can’t help but pay tribute to Project Dirt and look ahead to Semble. Our new name reflects our growth but our mission remains the same. Read about our rebrand journey here.  

We hope to see you at other events coming up this year. Make Some Noise was an example of just how powerful it is when our online community meets up face to face to share knowledge, spark ideas and inspire each other. We loved teaming up with Eden Project Communities to bring our networks and wisdom together.

Two people stand in front of a map, one of them is helping the other pin a line from a polaroid of herself to indicate on the map where she travelled from to get to the event

Still building your list of New Year resolutions or looking for ways to chase away the winter blues? Why not gather your colleagues and resolve to find your tribe, volunteer in your community. New Year – Volunteer is a great opportunity for you and your colleagues to volunteer. Check out the details here.

Let’s come together to make change happen. #LetsSemble

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About the Author:

Chloe works to ensure Semble comms are inspiring and impactful. She’s dedicated to nourishing, strengthening and growing our community through awesome communications. Inspiring and empowering others is what lights her up. When not at work Chloe is happiest in the sea, in a forest, on a yoga mat or lying in the sun.