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I’m the Co-founder and Director of Squared Root which works closely with communities to develop bespoke solutions, depending on their needs and aspirations.

Climatechange and food is core to all aspects of our lives. With changing climates, risinglevels of food poverty, obesity and bad health, it’s vital that people,especially in urban areas, are reconnected with food growing – so they can helpbuild sustainable food communities.

Iam motivated by improving the lives of communities, providing them withopportunities to learn about their environment and how local, sustainable foodcan bring a range of benefits.

I’ve worked for a number of different voluntary sector organisations, tackling many different issues. At Vital Regeneration I co-created the Jump for Green environmental education programme. I’ve also worked at leading grantmaking and umbrella organisations.

When I’m not busy with Squared Root, I like to run…a lot, and cycle. I’m also interim Chair of The Abbey Centre, a social enterprise based in the heart of Westminster that helps improve the lives, health and opportunities of the people of south Westminster.

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Waste & Resources, Education Jobs & Skills, Gardening & Food Growing, Energy & Carbon Reduction, Parks & Open Spaces, Health & Wellbeing

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Kings Cross