Looking Back to Make Some Noise


Since we work with community groups at Semble, we understand that very often there are so many amazing things going on. And yet, it can be difficult to shout about your own achievements and get the word out about what your community group is up to. For this reason we were really excited to team up with we teamed up with Eden Project Communities to deliver Make Some Noise, a day long workshop for community projects all about getting people’s attention and keeping it.

People from community projects across London, and further afield gathered together at Brixton Community Base in South London, ready for a busy day of activities, learning, and sharing their stories.

Mel from Semble talks to a young man

The day centred around two workshops: press release writing from Lisa Bradley, the Director of Learning and Teaching for Journalism at the University of Sheffield, and social media tips and tricks from Steve Taylor, has worked in communications for charities like Pride in London and Changing Faces. These were brilliant talks, and really shed light on the sometimes intimidating world of press and communications.

A woman stands in front of a projection screen delivering a talk about writing Press Releases

Aside from these bigger talks, we also coordinated facilitated discussions in small groups, lead by representatives from groups including Crowdfunder and Community Centred Knowledge. Popular topics included diversity, getting corporate support and telling your story on social media

All day the room was humming with conversation and enthusiasm- and not just because of the delicious lunch provided by Brixton Pound Cafe! As you walked around the hall there seemed to be dozens of fascinating conversations taking place, as allotmenteers chatted about recruiting volunteers with sustainable energy experts, and refugee support workers talked funding with anti-plastic warriors. 

A group of people sit listening to Mama D speaking, there is a sign stuck to one of the chairs reading 'Diversity Mama D'

We at Semble also really enjoyed hearing feedback from the projects there, which helps us to make sure that we are always working for the Semble community. It was a really great opportunity to meet with people who we’ve been working with for a long time, but haven’t met in person for years, if at all! 

Being in the same space as so many enthusiastic people that do amazing work in their communities was certainly inspiring, and the atmosphere was full of energy as people shared ideas, built connections and talked about their projects. It really hammered home that although we love seeing stories from the Semble community online, there really is no substitute for bringing people together in the same room to connect. 

Two people stand in front of a map, one of them is helping the other pin a line from a polaroid of herself to indicate on the map where she travelled from to get to the event

Stay tuned for more about what we’re planning for the Semble community in 2019…

About the Author:

Josie Howard
Keen to make the world a kinder place, Josie supports the campaigns and community teams at Semble to help bring people together. She has worked with migrants, taught sex education and is a lover of all things Latin America. Her interests include food, reading, and dreaming of being a beekeeper.