Looking back and striding forward – get ready for action!


A new year provides a perfect moment to reflect, take stock and get ready for action.

Over the past decade, Semble has worked with changemakers across the UK and around the world to support community action. In 2019 we came together with more people, projects and partners than ever before. We’ve been restless for change. We’ve seen more impact than ever before. And we’ve had a whole heap of fun. 

Here’s a snapshot of the action:

Just twelve months ago we rebranded as Semble. How time flies!

Since then we’ve helped invest over £250,000 in community projects across the UK. We’ve welcomed 236 new grassroots projects onto our online network. We’ve launched new campaigns and grown existing ones too. With help from a brilliant bunch of businesses and partners across the globe we’ve supported over 3 million children to get into nature and planted 15 million wildflowers to help save the bees.

Community Action is Where It’s At

As we stride into a new decade with a growing network of movers and shakers we’re ready to champion even more community action.

Why do we keep harping on about community action? Because we believe that community is at the beating heart of real and lasting change. And everything we do at Semble – from organising corporate volunteering with local projects to co-creating global campaigns – grows from grassroots, community action. 

Looking around in January 2020, we see environmental crisis and social discontent; we see charitable organisations struggling for funds and growing income inequality. But we also see neighbourly connection, grassroots action and kids coming out in force to protect their planet. We’re feeling positive. We hope you are too.

Let’s get positive

Here at Semble, we talk to people making a change in their community everyday. Yes, we know. Our jobs are the best.

We chat with project champions like Lucy Antal who set up Alchemic Kitchen last year to make the most of surplus food for community cohesion in the North West. We hear from individuals benefiting from funding campaigns like Carling and Everards: We Got This. And we meet with organisations like the Wellcome Trust who got out of the office and into their local community for 872 hours of volunteering with grassroots initiatives in 2019.

With so much good news to share, we’ve been working hard to spread it far and wide.

We’ve been sharing stories from your community projects across social media and working with partners to amplify the reach.  Pop stars, wildlife presenters and even Kensington Palace have given their royal support! We’ve been filling our monthly newsletters with stories from our amazing community and sending these to a growing network of thousands. We’ve even shared community action with the press – from features in the online publication Positive News to bi-weekly pages in the Liverpool Echo … And our campaigns have been featured in local papers up and down the country too. Wowee!

There’s no time to rest. With new campaigns launching, the Semble team growing and our network of community projects as active as ever, it looks like 2020 will be jam packed. We can’t wait to share the good news as we continue to grow.

Stay in the loop for good news, change-making opportunities and a whole lot of community love!

New decade, new year means new opportunities to come together with changemakers to ignite impactful community action. Are you with us?



Image credits to: Foodchain, Backyard Nature, Kitty’s Laundrette and Penny Lane Development Trust!

About the Author:

Lorna’s all about purpose led comms. She champions the power of connection. When she’s not talking, writing and recording at her desk she’s making pottery or has her nose in a book.