Loneliness Toolkit: Marmalade Trust and the Great Get Together


The Great Get Together: Together is Connection, Compassion, Community.

Click the button below to see the Loneliness Toolkit, a brief guide to loneliness and tips on connecting, co-produced by Marmalade Trust and The Great Get Together, covering:

  • What is Loneliness?
  • What is the Effect of Long Term Loneliness?
  • How Can You Help Someone Who is Lonely?

The Great Get Together is an initiative of the Jo Cox Foundation and is an annual event inspired by MP Jo Cox, who was killed on the 16th of June 2016. In her first speech in Parliament, Jo said, “We have more in common than that which divides us”. Through the Great Get Together, we ask people across the country to embrace Jo’s words and celebrate the power of community.

Though we can’t get together, we can still connect together.

Over the weekend of the 19th -21st of June, we are celebrating community and that we have more in common than that which divides us.

We’ve swapped out our usual street parties and BBQs, for virtual silent discos and community sing-a-longs, doorstep parties or small acts of kindness. We invite everyone to take part in a safe way (socially distanced) to show the power of their community.

Semble is a place where people participating in the Great Get Together can come together and share inspiring stories of community connection. See more stories here.

Great Get Together and Semble

About the Author:

Keen to make the world a kinder place, Josie supports the campaigns and community teams at Semble to help bring people together. She has worked with migrants, taught sex education and is a lover of all things Latin America. Her interests include food, reading, and dreaming of being a beekeeper.