London Climate Action Week – taking it beyond London and into your commmunity


The environment is at the heart of so much of what we do within the Semble community, and climate change is a vital issue in the hearts of most Semblers. The Climate Emergency declaration made by the UK and Irish Parliaments, Welsh and Scottish governmentsis a huge step forward, but how can we now harness and maintain this momentum for change?

People everywhere have realised that we cannot sit by and wait for our leaders to take the action needed to deal with the Climate Emergency. As a community we must now maintain the pace and energy required, pushing the agenda and demonstrating the solutions.

London Climate Action Week is coming up – events and activities will take place in communities all across London between 1st – 8th July, creating a good focal point for action, not just in London but beyond.

We want this action to ripple out of London and spread all over the UK. Tackling the climate crisis can feel overwhelming but there are small actions we can take in our communities to build the solution together. So wherever you are, we invite you to get involved in this opportunity to take action.

Do you have an event or action planned already? If so, tell us what you’re up to and we will help to share about with the Semble community and inspire others to get involved too.

If you haven’t yet planned something, could you? There are many ways we can take action in our communities and make sure this issue stays at the fore.


Here are a few examples to inspire, from some of the many Semble climate action takers:

Sticky Exhibits, in Chester, specialises in creative resources and exhibits to engage people with environmental issues. They are creating a ‘library’ of exhibits that can be hired on a not for profit basis to raise environmental awareness. Could you hire one of their exhibits or could you create a similar exhibit that can be used to engage people in schools, local halls in your community?

Energy Gardens, created in London Overground stations, will promote food and energy security, create resilient communities, and improve the health and well-being of Londoners. Could you transform a planter in your community into a food growing treasure trove?

The Repair Café, Southampton, keeps everyday items away from landfill and helps people learn new skills. Their cafe volunteers can help with skilled repairs for electrical items, jewellery, needlework, bikes, computers and wooden furniture.

The Share Shed is a Library of Things in Totnes, Devon, where people can borrow all sorts of useful things so that they don’t have to buy them for themselves. The aim is to build a more resourceful community, allowing people to connect with each other and share things which also reduces our impact on Earth’s resources

Could you get involved in one of these projects or start one like it? Do you run a project like this that Semble can help to promote? Let us know!

About the Author:

Chloe works to ensure Semble comms are inspiring and impactful. She’s dedicated to nourishing, strengthening and growing our community through awesome communications. Inspiring and empowering others is what lights her up. When not at work Chloe is happiest in the sea, in a forest, on a yoga mat or lying in the sun.