Liverpool Echo News from the Community – get stories from your community group into the Liverpool Echo!


About The Opportunity

At Semble we’re passionate about the power of storytelling. So we’ve teamed up with the Liverpool Echo to create a fortnightly page full of local news stories by and for the Liverpool and Merseyside community. These community stories and ways to get involved are published in the print version of the Liverpool Echo and are also uploaded to InYourArea.

What can I write about?

Community groups write stories for publication to

  • Celebrate achievements
  • Showcase their work to new audiences
  • Attract support from volunteers, event attendees and the local area

How to get your story published?

Send your upcoming event or story and a good quality image to

  • Length: between 100 and 400 words
  • Topic: highlight the work you do with a story of local impact, coverage of a recent event, an interview with a beneficiary, ways to get involved etc.
  • Tone of voice: 3 rules
    • No acronyms or jargon
    • Write in the 3rd person (e.g. “Wirral Knitting Superheroes is a group that…”)
    • The articles are primarily celebratory of the community, as opposed to critical or directly political

To find more support opportunities for your group, follow this link!

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