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Semble is a platform bringing community groups together with businesses and volunteers to make change happen.

Join to connect and share with passionate people transforming their communities through grassroots action. Be the first to know about funding opportunities, receive free resources and promote the work you do.


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What is Semble?

Semble (formerly Project Dirt) is a dedicated platform for community projects a.k.a. you guys! We make sure that local projects get the support they deserve by partnering them with businesses and volunteers who are looking to help.

This platform is a place for you to share your story, celebrate your successes and find the resources you need to grow your impact. We’re on a mission to make supporting local communities easier and more commonplace – join us!

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Why join Semble?

We’re on a mission to bring about global change through sparking local action!

What next?

Adding your project on Semble is simple. In just a few minutes time you will have created an account and added your project. You’ll be ready to add blogs, promote events, and more. Just select the icons below to get started with each step!

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