Is community the antidote to stress?


Stress is one of the biggest causes of health issues today, and it probably affects all of us in some way. Beyond the usual stressors (hello deadlines, packed trains, traffic noise, and other work and family issues) recent research shows how the nature of our communities and relationships also influence our health.

Lots of us feel isolated by modern lifestyles. Our communities also face evolving social and environmental challenges that can only be tackled collectively. Could community action be the key to managing these modern-day stresses? Here are five ways you can get closer to your community and get closer to inner calm.

1. Get closer to your local community

We are social beings at heart, research says not knowing our neighbours causes us stress. Community gardens and local spaces enable us to reconnect with our local communities. There are hundreds on Semble – located all over the UK – find a community garden near you.

2. Positivity creates an upward spiral

We deal with bad news on a daily basis. Seeing people create positive solutions shows our brains that it’s a good world after all, so get closer to people that are creating positive change. Find changemakers who are bubbling with creative ideas and unusual solutions, such as this innovative project.

3. Move with purpose 

Moving our bodies lowers anxiety, lifts our moods and increases our self-esteem, and apparently even more so when done outside. Even five minutes of exercise outdoors can significantly lift our mood. Green Gyms help you to get active through conservation work, while Good Gyms combine running with community action. They happen in all corners of the country, find one near you.

4. Find an oasis

We evolved in the great outdoors, and our brains benefit from a holiday in nature. Surround yourself with green by joining a conservation volunteering day. Sometimes you don’t even need to leave the city, there are inner-city oases like this nature reserve tucked everywhere. Look for one near you using our project search

5. Action is the antidote to fear

If my mum taught me any truism it was this: if you’re worried about something, doing something about it is the quickest way to feel less stressed! Feeling powerless is a big cause of stress. We feel empowered and calmer when we feel able to do something about our problems. What can you take action on?

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