How do I add an event to Semble?


Want to add an event to Semble? Great! We love to share what’s happening on the Semble platform, so here’s how to make an event…

Step 1: Sign in to Semble!

Sign in to Semble with the using the log in that your project is linked to.

If you don’t already have an account, follow these instructions to register with Semble, and these instructions to make a project page on Semble.

Step 2: Find the Create Event Button

Hover over the Create tab in the top right of the Semble website and click on Event to add your event. Alternately, click here.

Screenshot from the Semble homepage, indicating the Create drop down list with an arrow pointing to 'Event', the second option on the list

Step 3: Link the Event to Your Community Project

Use the Link Business section to find your community project. Click the Search business… bar and then start typing your project’s name. This ensures that the event will show up on your community project page.

Screenshot showing the link business section, the drop down box reads. The user has written 'Halif' in the box and under this the drop down box reads 'We are searching for 'Halif'

Step 4: Choose the Date(s) of Your Event

If your project is a one-off event, you can check the No box next to Recurring event, and input the event’s date and time in the sections below

Screenshot from Semble, the title reads 'Event Schedule' and under this there are options for if this is a recurring event with yes or no checkboxes. The 'no' box is checked. Under this it says 'Event start date' and this box has been clicked to reveal a calendar of February 2019. 12th February is highlighted

If your project is a regular event, you can check the Yes box next to Recurring event, and input the event’s date and time in the sections below, as well as how often the event repeats, using the Repeats section. If this event doesn’t repeat regularly (i.e.) weekly, monthly, then select Custom and then choose the dates this will repeat on.

Screenshot of Semble Add Event area, titled 'Event Schedule', there is a checkbox saying

Step 5: Tell Us About Your Event

Write the name and description of your project. Remember to keep it clear so everyone knows what the event is and what to expect.

Choose some keywords and a categories that reflect what your event is all about. This means that people will be able to find your event more easily.

Screenshot of the Semble 'Add an Event' section showing textboxes for Event title, description and tag keywords. The keywords displayed are heritage, play, permaculture, transition towns, schools, sharing economy, music & arts, sport & outdoors, Children, lobbying, universities and colleges, sustainable transport, technology, sports, volunteering, waste & resources

Step 6: Tell Us Where Your Event Is

Fill in your address, and make sure that the pin is in the right place on the map below. If not you can drag and drop the red pin to a different location.

Screenshot from the add an event section of Semble. This is titled 'Project Information' Below this is an address box reading Godley Lane, Claremont, Boothtown, England, below this is a box specifying country that reads 'United Kingdom', the box specifying region reads 'Yorkshire and the Humber', the box specifying 'city' reads Calderdale, and the box specifying zip/post code reads HX3 6XG. Under this is an orange button that says 'set address on map', and below this a map with a red pin on the location specified in the above boxes

Step 7: Add an Image

Click the orange Select Files button to browse through your computer’s documents to find an image to upload onto your event. The image you choose will come up as your event’s icon when it it searched, so make sure it’s a good one!

Screenshot of Semble add an event section, showing the add images section. There is an orange button reading 'select files' , underneath this is a thumbnail of an image. Below this is another orange button reading 'review'

Step 8: Click Review

Click the orange Review button. This will take you to a page to preview your event so you can make sure everything is correct before the event goes live. If you want to change something, click Go back and Edit, if you are happy click Publish.

Screenshot of the Semble 'add a project' section. There is a box reading 'This is a preview - t has not been published yet. If there is something wrong then

About the Author:

Keen to make the world a kinder place, Josie supports the campaigns and community teams at Semble to help bring people together. She has worked with migrants, taught sex education and is a lover of all things Latin America. Her interests include food, reading, and dreaming of being a beekeeper.