How do I add a blog post on Semble?


So, you want to start telling your story on Semble? Amazing, we love our community of story-tellers!

Here’s how to begin:

Step 1: Find the Blog button

Hover over the Create tab in the top right corner of the Home page or any page on the Semble website and click on Blog to add your blog.

Step 2: Write your blog!

Give your blog a catchy title and write the blog itself in the Blog Description box.

You can add images to your blog at the end of this page.

Read our other resource on how to write banging blog posts here.

Step 3: Add keywords, category, link to project and/or campaign

Tag your blog with any of these keywords to indicate what it’s about and to make it more easily searchable for those looking for relevant content on the Semble platform.

Add a category – is it a general update, a volunteering opportunity, or does it relate to one of our campaigns (e.g. Greener with Greggs, Outdoor Classroom Day, etc.)?

If you’ve already created your project page, you can link your blog to it here by searching for your project’s name in the bar.

If your blog relates to one of our campaigns, link it here.

Step 4: Add and rearrange images

You can directly drag and drop images here or select them from your computer.

Rearrange the images by dragging them with your mouse.

Step 5: Review and publish

Click the Review button to preview what your blog post will look like before publishing it.

Top tip: If nothing happens, it may be because you didn’t fill out one or more of the required fields. Go back and look for the fields marked with a red asterisk (*).

From the preview page you can see what your blog will look like.

The banner at the top will show a slideshow of your images if you have added more than one.

You can go back and edit if there’s something which doesn’t look quite right or you can publish the blog by clicking the Publish button!

Woo-hoo! You just added your blog post!

You can view your blog by going to our blog pages though the Community Projects drop-down menu on the top right corner or through going to your Profile Listings.

Happy blogging!

About the Author:

Boryana is one of Semble's Community Support Officers. She is involved in assisting, engaging and growing the Semble community as well as providing support to our funding and volunteering campaigns. Boryana is passionate about mental health and enjoys sustaining her well-being through baking, gardening, travelling and spending time outdoors.