How can Semble blogs help boost your project?


We know posting blogs takes time, and that time isn’t something you have a lot of. Here are 5 important reasons why updating your project page on Semble is worth it.

1. Find people that care about what you’re doing.

Find related projects, like-minded people and potential funders and connect with them on Semble. Your blogs can be a way to open up a conversation with people who share your passion and values, connect with people you can collaborate with and help others find out about your work. Think of them as your shop window to showcase your story and entice people to get involved.

2. Promote your project to a wider audience.

We can help you do this! We feature recent community blogs in our monthly newsletter ‘The Semble Scoop’ and through our social media channels, helping your project to reach a large and growing like-minded community, all passionate about grassroots action.

If you’d like us to help you promote what you’re doing all you need to do is write a couple of paragraphs, add an image or two and drop us a line.

3. Attract attention for Semble funding and volunteers.

Every year we work with businesses to distribute funds and manpower to projects where it’s needed. By letting us know what you’re up to – what your project has achieved and what you need help with – through regular updates on your project page blog, you’ll be most visible to these businesses. This will get you the best chances of support when we’re looking to connect amazing projects with funding and volunteering opportunities that we run.

4. Attract volunteers and interest from the local community.

By sharing upcoming events and recent happenings, people in your community can see what you’re doing and where you need support. Having a project page on Semble is a good start, as a way for others to find you. But a static page of information can say so much. Through short project updates, you can tell the story of what’s actually happening on the ground. By showing the world what you’re achieving, you can attract the attention you want.

5. Use them to log and celebrate your project’s progress.

Create a visual storyboard of how your project is developing. Show your journey, successes and the challenges you’ve overcome. This will be really helpful when it comes to applying for funding grants and reporting your project’s impacts.

How to add a blog in 5 easy steps

If you’re new here and you haven’t yet set up a Semble project page, welcome! We’d love to have you join the community so we can help promote the awesome stuff you’re up to. Your first stop is creating a project page – here’s a helpful guide on how to register in 6 quick steps.

About the Author:

Chloe works to ensure Semble comms are inspiring and impactful. She’s dedicated to nourishing, strengthening and growing our community through awesome communications. Inspiring and empowering others is what lights her up. When not at work Chloe is happiest in the sea, in a forest, on a yoga mat or lying in the sun.