Groundwork People’s Choice Award 2019


The annual Groundwork Community Awards celebrates the small groups making a big difference in communities across the UK.

The most prestigious Groundwork Award is the People’s Choice. Finalists from every category are entered into this award and the winner is decided by you, me and anyone else who chooses to vote.

Discover more about the finalists HERE and VOTE for the People’s Choice Award!

Are you a Groundwork nominee? Here are some top tips to help help boost your chances of being the People’s Choice champion:

1. Tell your story!
We have done the hard part for you; you can find your very own page here on our Community
Awards website and use this to sign post people to learn more about what you do and why you do it.

2. Use social media
We have put together some handy graphics here for you to promote yourselves online, let people
know that you are a finalist across social media, but also encourage people to vote for you in the
People’s Choice award category. Let people know that they can vote and link to the vote and to your
story to learn more. Target the people already interested in your project and everybody else, you
have a great story to tell, get it out there.
A great idea for best practice on social media is to always post with an image a call to action and to
use the #GwkCommunity hashtag.

3. Word of mouth
Tell your family and friends, who can then tell their friends, who can tell their friends, you get where
I’m going with this. It’s the oldest trick in the book, but it’s also the best kind of getting the word out,
word of mouth is the most trustworthy form of marketing.

4. Community Engagement
Engage with your local community – utilise their forms of communication your local community
already use, may that be a local newsletter, notice boards, local social media channels or websites.

5. Local Press
We have already notified your local press that you are a finalist – it’s always an option to get in
touch with your local news outlet to remind them that you are up for an Award, and perhaps offer a
further interview, quote or photo. Put out a press release on your website or social media so others
can easily pick it up. Let people know why you deserve the People’s Choice Award.

6. Semble #GwkCommunity
Make use of the Semble community to engage with others in your local area and across the country,
there is a huge community out there to engage with.

7. Skywriting / Megaphones/Billboards
Only joking we don’t expect you to do that – but the option is always there.

About the Author:

Lorna’s all about purpose led comms. She champions the power of connection. When she’s not talking, writing and recording at her desk she’s making pottery or has her nose in a book.