#Greggs4Good Photo Competition Winner Announced!


The winner of 2020’s first #Greggs4Good photo competition is… Haircuts4Homeless, who have won an extra £250 funding for their project. Congratulations to the whole team, everyone at Greggs Foundation loved your image!

When Stewart Roberts brought his hairdressing scissors along to a homeless shelter in Romford in 2014, he was only planning to give one or two cuts. But the reaction he got was something he never expected.  He was so moved he put some pictures on Facebook and his hairdresser friends said ‘can we help?’ It now has 53 sites across the UK with over 600 volunteers and over 40,000 cuts delivered so far.

They’d come in all hunched up, but after a bit of a chat and some attention they’d open up. They had felt some respect and physical touch, someone looking them in the eye. They’d connected with someone. These are all things that are rare for many people dealing with homelessness. We’re not a very tactile society anymore, we’re on our phones all the time. Lots of people are feeling isolated and lonely, so imagine how these guys feel. Once you touch someone you break the barrier and allow them to open up because they feel seen.

Homeless people have many challenges to face, one of them often being low self-esteem. A haircut can have a great effect on someone, giving them a real boost. It may be ‘just a haircut’, but it’s the kindness shown that makes a homeless person know that people really care.

The Greggs Foundation team really enjoyed judging the competition and would like to thank all projects who took the time to enter. It was one of our toughest photo competitions to judge so far, with many brilliant entries. A special mention goes to Lagan’s Foundation and Cae Tân CSA Sustainable Schools Programme for their wonderful photos and blogs.

Don’t worry if you weren’t successful this time, there will be more photo competitions in 2020 giving you the chance to win a bit of extra funding for your project. Keep updating your Semble project pages and watch out for the next photo competition… coming soon! 

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About the Author:

Keir is a project officer based in Semble's Bristol office. Most of his time is spent on two of our movement campaigns, Outdoor Classroom Day and Backyard Nature. One of Keir’s main interests is food equality and outside of Semble he runs a small community food waste project.