Four top tips on Growing a Movement from Extinction Rebellion


How do you grow a movement? Do you need grassroots passion, inspiring leaders or a really good Twitter account? We asked movement of the moment, Extinction Rebellion (XR). In between organising global revolution, XR spokeswoman Jayne Forbes sat down to give me her four top tips for building a movement:

1. ‘The prime currency is passion’

It takes time and perseverance to build a movement. You’ll need to be passionate about your mission to keep going through the tough times. You’ll need that passion when it comes to persuading others to join you too. Whether you’re recruiting volunteers or convincing stakeholders, acting from a place of passion is the surest way to inspire action

2. ‘Going in from the outside is a no-no.’

Find activists at the centre of the community, who know the culture, speak the language, have the passion to make the most of the resources available. Those are the people who will drive change.

3.‘Mass involvement is key’

Theory shows that 3.5% of the population needs to engage to see social change happen. So get out there. Talk, tweet, dance and sing to get communities, leaders and individuals to back your cause. And don’t forget to collaborate too – whether you’re keen to unite under one name or collaborate across a network of change makers, working with partner organisations will do you nothing but good!

4. Brand is at the ‘heart of a movement’

With a strong brand you can spread your message far and wide. Set it up with a clear set of principles and aims. Repeat them in language and aesthetics that people will recognise. You’ll soon become a part of the wider conversation.

Semble Branding

The Semble Brand!

XR hasn’t become a global movement by accident. With their crystal clear goals, attention-grabbing actions and passionate network of change makers they’ve made big waves in the fight for #ClimateAction. So can you. Whether you sign up to your local XR group, start buying local or become part of an energy cooperative … join the climate movement today and together we will make a change!

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