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One of the best things about being part of the Semble team is meeting the amazing project champions and visiting them while their project is in full swing. This time I rolled up my sleeves for an afternoon of cooking with Nureen from Feed Me Good‘s community cooking class ‘Cook n eat on a budget’,  for Camden Health CIC.

I met Nureen a few months ago at the Eden Project Community Camp and her energy and passion burst into the room. Nureen runs several classes for mums and their kids around London. She inspires them with food recipes from around the world.

Where ever possible, Nureen uses vegetables and fruit from Kentish Town Farm’s garden. Mums who join the weekly workshops can learn to cook things like cauliflower mac and cheese and watch their children eat their home-made Japanese gyoza (dumplings). They can also learn that darker-leaf lettuces are more healthy than an Iceberg lettuce, and when strawberries are in season.

“This is the first time I tasted sushi and I really like it,” said Asma, “I’ll definitely try make this for my family at home because its easy, not expensive and very tasty.”

Nureen, fondly known as Nunu, teaches mums and children to cook restaurant-inspired meals that are healthy, low in cost and fun! Among the curious kids and eager mums, Nureen wants to show that it’s easy to move away from the processed, cleverly packaged foods and opt for the fresh healthy stuff – to appreciate the crunch of a carrot and the sweetness of freshly picked basil.

This is clearly a community affair.

Nureen is passionate about teaching life skills because it can help in so many other ways. Besides saving money, it’s a great way for mums from different backgrounds and communities to connect with each other. Food is a universal language, to bring everyone together and share recipes and skills.

New families join the classes every week. Often they don’t know people in the area and want to introduce themselves, help their kids find new friends and meet people. Truly scrumptious stuff.


You can follow Nureen’s latest recipes, track her down at her next event by following the Feed Me Good Semble project page.

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