How to contact the Semble team2020-04-09T13:37:30+00:00

There are a few ways for you to get hold of us, see the list below:

  • Chat: Quick and snappy – use the chat in the bottom right of your screen (speech bubble icon). We’ll see this and come back to you sharpish, that should mean within 15 mins if it’s within working hours (9-6pm). Will be longer if outside of hours (sorry we don’t sleep here – always 😉 )
  • Contact us page – use this short form to fill in your enquiry details and one of our super community team will reply as soon as they can.
  • Pick up the phone – old school I know, but we love a chat and within working hours someone will be there – +44 (0)20 3937 6880
  • Email us – Stick to what you know, we’ll reply as soon as we can info@semble.org

If you see something that doesn’t look right or want any help with the site get in touch.

How do I sign up to Semble?2020-04-09T13:38:36+00:00

Signing up to the Semble platform is super quick and easy! Just follow these 6 simple steps here.

How do I add a project page on Semble?2020-04-09T13:40:40+00:00

Want to show your community project off to the world? Here’s how to add your community project page to Semble.

Why did we change from Project Dirt to Semble?2020-04-09T13:29:02+00:00

This was by no means easy, so fortunately our Chairman and founder Nick Gardner has written a blog all about it – you can have a good read of that here.

How do I advertise my volunteer opportunity?2019-02-26T17:10:33+00:00

Good question!

Share your community project’s volunteer opportunity by creating a blog describing the position and ticking the ‘Volunteer opportunity’ checkbox.

If you share the opportunity on social media, be sure to tag us in the post and we will share it on our social media pages too, to help get your opportunity out there!

How do I add a blog post on Semble?2019-01-23T17:02:52+00:00

Writing a blog on Semble is a fantastic way to tell your story and share it with our community. Read how to do it here.

What’s with the name Semble?2018-10-03T10:27:17+00:00

We know it’s not actually a word, but it sounds great doesn’t it?! 🙂

Luckily our founder and CEO Nick wrote a blog post all about it, so please do read all about it here.

Our definition of Semble is:

To Semble is to bring people together to make a change.

And our goal is to get this in the dictionary by 2020, help us do it!

Let’s Semble!

Can Semble share my project/blog/event on social media?2019-02-26T17:27:21+00:00

Of course – we love to share good news about what people are up to in their local communities.

Just drop us an email at info@semble.org with a link to your Semble project, blog or event.

How do I change the administrator for my project?2019-01-28T17:13:05+00:00

The administrator for your project is the person that can make changes and updates, create blogs and events connected to your project. If you need to change your admin find out more here.

How do I add an event on Semble?2019-02-12T17:19:43+00:00

Want to add an event to Semble? Great! We love to share what’s happening on the Semble platform, so take a look at this guide to find out how to make an event.