Supporting Community Action through C-19


Every day the coronavirus pandemic is bringing new and difficult challenges. At Semble we will continue to support the all important grassroots action response in communities across the UK and around the world

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Existing funding grants – For community groups with confirmed or ongoing grants through Semble, we’ll be as flexible as possible with re-framing these grants and extending timelines so that you can do the best work possible in the circumstances. If you have any questions get in touchWe’re always happy to help.

Our network of community groups – We’re running workshops, writing guides and sending updates on social media and email to support community action in the current climate. Join the network here to promote your project and amplify your virtual events.

Brilliant businesses – Organisations across the globe are supporting local grassroots responses to this crisis. Semble has always and will continue to empower businesses looking to support community action. Find out more about how your business can make an impact by partnering with us.

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