Community action report – Autumn 2020


Our community action report is out!

During the last 7 months, while people have been wondering what  they can and can’t do and when it will all end, there have been  thousands of amazing people working below the radar to provide  the connections, support and hope needed by the most vulnerable  in our society.  

Throughout this time, community groups have been a nexus for people coming together to provide what Nesta describes as  People Powerwithin the social sector. This report highlights a series of results and recommendations to inspire further collaboration with community groups to ensure that their vital work is embraced, recognised and continues to make a real difference on the ground, at the heart of our communities.  

There has been a lot of talk recently about the need to build back better and to level up society in the face of an increasing level of  social inequality across the UK. As Danny Kruger (whose recent report on communities was commissioned by Boris Johnson) says, We should act speedily, but collaboratively, to put  communities at the centre of the national recovery and the great  mission of levelling up our country.  

There have been a lot of reports offering strategies to deliver a levelling up. At the heart of them all is the idea that we cannot afford to overlook the wealth of experience and value being provided by the groups operating at a local level all  around the UK.  

Semble is a social enterprise that believes in people power at the community level; our whole purpose is to drive change from the  grassroots up. We work with multiple companies who want to effect change in this way and we have nearly 4,000 community groups in our network. Over the last few months we have been  listening to these community groups and responding to their requests for help and advice and have amassed some fascinating insights. We’d like to share these insights to help enrich the conversations going on around the build back better and levelling up agendas.  


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