Our vision for climate action


In the face of the environmental emergency, Semble has declared climate action and committed to going #BeyondNetZero by 2030We’ve reviewed the carbon impact of our operations, begun reducing and, where necessary, offsetting our emissions. And we’ve pledged to continue to champion the role of grassroots action in #ClimateAction.

We know that with the right resources, communities can and will tackle the issues facing us. That’s why we’re helping the people with the resources – businesses – to fund grassroots action.

In 2019, Semble’s co-founder and chairperson, Nick Gardner, set out his vision for the future of community climate action. He identified 10 focus areas:

  1. Inspire every person to make community climate action a regular part of their week
  2. Fund local solutions to local issues
  3. Encourage local energy initiatives
  4. Use the power of food to bring people together for positive action
  5. Reduce consumption by demoting non-necessities and promoting repair & reuse
  6. Repurpose & revive the high street to focus on local connections and opportunities
  7. Encourage more sustainable and shared travel choices
  8. Inspire people to give their time to re-wilding and carbon sink initiatives
  9. Provide more sustainable housing options
  10. Ensure ALL children are brought up to care about nature

Community groups up and down the country are already taking action in each of these areas. By learning from them, funding their efforts and getting involved we can make change happen.

Semble creates campaigns that connect purposeful businesses with our 3,700+ strong network of community projects so that they can work together to grow their impact. If your organisation is ready to tackle climate change from the grassroots up then get in touch to find out how you can fund and promote local community action. This is what working with us could look like.

Here’s how some of our campaigns have and are working towards climate justice:

Backyard Nature aims to get all children, no matter what their background, to spend more time enjoying and protecting nature where they live. Giving kids the opportunity to connect with and protect nature from an early age means they’ll grow up with the tools they need to protect the planet.

Outdoor Classroom Day is a global campaign celebrating and inspiring outdoor learning and play. Outdoor learning improves children’s health and learning and leads to a greater connection with nature. As the great David Attenborough said, “No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced”

Cif Hello Beautiful Neighbourhood, was a 2020 campaign supporting community projects to clean and beautify rundown community spaces, encouraging locals to recognise that a beautiful, clean home should extend beyond your front door.

Brent Cross Town is a two year old campaign that has provided funding to groups including: 

  • Brent Terrace Residents Association Community Garden Allotment Project: a project to further develop a small village green area by planting up a section & providing native boundary hedging to attract wildlife. 
  • People and Nature Thrive Together: a project running fun outdoor nature engagement wellbeing sessions. They will also create signage for identification of plants in their herb garden and trees in the forest to improve local nature knowledge.
  • Whitefield Sensory Garden: a secondary school project to create an outdoor sensory garden that will be available for students, staff and visitors to enjoy.

Sir Robert McAlpine Strong Foundations Grant provided funding to grassroots initiatives around central Manchester and Salford, including:

  • Bridgewater Community Garden: a group offering space for the local community to come together and grow fruit, herbs and vegetables.
  • Friends of Lightoaks Park: a project working with the local community to plant, enhance and maintain the neighbourhood park.
  • The Potters: a community garden based project increasing cross cultural connection and community wellbeing. By improving accessibility and creating a community orchard, The Potters have used their grant funding to attract a more diverse crowd and so encourage more integrations.

Wellcome Volunteering is an annual summer corporate community volunteering initiative that has seen volunteers support projects including:

  • Plastic Free Hackney: a group committed to campaigning for less single use plastic waste and teaching individuals how to reduce their plastic consumption. 
  • Hackney City Farm: an urban farm allowing local residents to connect with Nature. The team is dedicated to educating the community on food, wildlife, climate change.
  • Tower Hamlet cemetery Park: a historical cemetery that is also a nature reserve, providing a biodiverse, green space to people in the highly deprived neighbourhood of Tower Hamlets.

About the Author:

Keir is a project officer based in Semble's Bristol office. Most of his time is spent on two of our movement campaigns, Outdoor Classroom Day and Backyard Nature. One of Keir’s main interests is food equality and outside of Semble he runs a small community food waste project.