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Project Description

Wellcome rolls up it’s Community Action sleeves to help local projects for a third year.

Wellcome Community Action is a team volunteering campaign created by Wellcome in 2016 to support & establish relationships with grassroots projects local to their London office.

Wellcome Community Action is now in it’s third year and in 2018 took place between the Monday 2nd – Friday 13th July, staff from across Wellcome formed teams and helped 16 fantastic projects. From sewing to cooking dig into the impact and stories below…

Headline numbers

Volunteers recruited
Hours donated
Projects supported

Stories from supported projects

The team were fully engaged with our members and gave great advice during the “Tea & Tech” session. They got really stuck into the football game as well and had a great deal of fun with the local footballers. The day was a win-win for both our members and the volunteers.

Social highlights from across the #WellcomeCommunityAction fortnight

Supported projects