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Project Description

Crowdfunder Stories Fund

Have you considered a crowdfunding campaign, but didn’t know where to start? To celebrate the newly launched ‘Crowdfunder Stories’ magazine, we’ve teamed up with Crowdfunder UK to offer Semblers an exclusive opportunity for funding and support.

Is your project creating positive mental health impacts in your community?

“We’re on a mission to find two inspiring projects who are improving mental health through positive and creative solutions.”

If you’re looking to raise money for your community project, charity or community business, just tell us about your project and your approach to mental health.

Two projects will be chosen to receive:

  • A 1-2-1 coaching session from Crowdfunder UK’s Senior Coach, Bertie Herrtage
  • Media support from Semble UK
  • £250 towards their own crowdfunding campaign, to help reach their fundraising goal.

Applications are open Wednesday 10th April – Wednesday 24th April. 

Who can apply?

The fund is open to all projects who can demonstrate positive mental health impacts in their work, either directly or indirectly. 

This can take many forms – access to healthy food, physical activity, time in nature and space to connect with other humans are all essential ingredients for healthy minds. The Believe in Tomorrow’ Children’s Garden has already received £250 from the fund, for its approach to improving children’s mental health through access to nature.

The two winning projects will be announced the week commencing 22nd April. Winners will be selected by Semble and Crowdfunder UK on the merit of their approach to mental health.

Winning projects must able to run a crowdfunding campaign between May 20th – June 16th.

We will support you to do this through coaching, media support and £250 towards your crowdfunding goal (minimum £1000).

Apply here

Why should you consider crowdfunding?

We love the doors that crowdfunding can open for community projects. Not only can it offer alternative funding opportunities, it can also build momentum and excitement around your project.

It creates ways to tell the world about your awesome work and can strengthen connections within your community and with potential partners.

This is a chance to explore crowdfunding with support from us. If you’ve been curious as to how crowdfunding could work for your project, this is a great way to test it out. We’ve created this campaign with Crowdfunder UK to make it as easy as possible. The application process takes only 10 minutes.

The stories behind the fund

The Crowdfunder Stories Fund was set up by Crowdfunder UK’s Bertie Herrtage. In 2018 he travelled across the UK to meet with 10 inspiring projects who used to raise money for their own unique approaches to tackling mental health. These 10 projects formed the basis of the ‘Crowdfunder Stories’ magazine.

Watch the series of videos on these inspiring projects here.

Every applicant to the fund will receive a digital download of the Crowdfunder Stories magazine. Apply now to receive your copy of the magazine and for your chance to win coaching support from Crowdfunder UK and £250 towards your fundraising goal.

Entries open Wednesday 10th April and close Wednesday 24th April. 

Semble and Crowdfunder UK are now looking for the next generation of incredible stories to support with their fundraising. Could this be you?

Apply here

Semblers’ previous crowdfunding successes

Between 2013-2015 we worked with Crowdfunder UK to support these Project Dirt (as we were called back then!) projects to achieve their crowdfunding goals:

All projects achieved their crowdfunding goals! Together these projects raised a total of £68,963.