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Project Description

Your Patch, Your Planet

Aiming to get all children to spend more time enjoying and protecting nature where they live.

There is a nature crisis in the UK. Plants and wildlife in our own backyards are under serious threat – a massive 40% of the UK’s species are in steep decline. At the same time, children are spending less time enjoying nature, meaning they are less likely to care about and protect it.

In response, Semble has teamed up with the Iceland Foods Charitable Foundation, along with a collective of charitable partners, to launch Backyard Nature.

Backyard Nature will bring together an army of Backyard Nature Guardians, giving them the tools they need to protect their own patch of nature. It doesn’t matter how big or small their patch is. It could be a plant pot on a windowsill, a bit of grass close to home, or a corner of outdoor space at school. What does matter is that they do something little and often to protect it, so that plants and wildlife can begin to thrive again. By tackling the nature crisis close to home, Backyard Nature Guardians will help protect the planet for the future.

It’s time to save the planet – for real. Sign up at:

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Mission #2: Love Bugs

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