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    The River Leven has a number of paths and trails running along its length. In fact near the Strathleven estate, there is a lovely network of trails that locals and those working in the area can access if they want to walk somewhere a bit more peaceful. We would highly recommend visiting if you are in the area, especially when the bluebells are in bloom!

    From Strathleven estate it is possible to walk down the River Leven to Dumbarton, a distance of approximately 4km. However, in recent years some sections of this path has been neglected and has become overgrown with brambles, nettles and hawthorns. Anyone wishing to use it risks getting scratched, stung and poked in the eye.

    Furthermore, Chivas Brothers who own a large stretch of the river bank have expanded their whisky facility into an area where one of the paths used to run through. We have approached Chivas Brothers and we are happy to report that they are enthusiastic to work with us to reconnect the path around their site and they have already been down to help clean the path way!

    We have been down to the overgrown sections of the Wild Trails and have cut back the brambles, hawthorns, overhanging trees, and bushes. However we have made sure we have kept the trail as ‘natural’ as possible so that people can still have an outdoor experience while using these trails. Over the next year, we will continue to improve or open up old access trails by installing footbridges over boggy land, steps on steep slippy slopes and installing trail posts. We hope by reconnecting the wild trails that more people are encouraged to use their local wild spaces, use green travel, and appreciate their local environment. #Greggs4good #Thelevenlegacyproject


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