Wild Trails: Path Clearing & Litter Pick

By Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust . | March 31 2020

Wild Trails: Path Clearing & Litter Pick

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    Re-establishing access along the east bank of the River Leven as part of our “Wild Trails Project” has been a huge success. It has been highly utilised and will undergo further development and improvement works to make it accessible for different activities and all abilities. However the decades of accumulated plastic litter remains a problem and routine litter picks are essential for environmental and aesthetical purposes due to the length of time it takes to break down.

    This litter comes downstream from Loch Lomond and the River Leven and can also come from the Clyde estuary due to dominant south-westerly winds and the tidal nature of the River Leven. In areas the plastic bottles are so dense it is hazardous to walk on and all you can hear is the sound of crunching plastic beneath your feet. The majority of the litter is concentrated where the highest spring tides reach and the litter is deposited in eddies or is trapped by bankside vegetation as the tide retreats.

    Dumbarton Area Council on Alcohol were keen to help and on one afternoon seven clients and members of staff helped maintain access for people to continue to utilise these nature walks. They also managed to collect 25 bags of rubbish within an hour and only stopped when they couldn’t possibly carry any more. The rubbish consisted mainly of plastic bottles and aluminium cans which were collected from just a short 50 meter stretch. They earned themselves a well-deserved rest and relaxed around a fire pit whilst enjoying the peace and tranquil river landscape away from houses and traffic. They also marvelled at their good work!

    This really highlights the damage we are doing to the environment and how much plastic waste is in our water ways. Thanks to their hard work on one afternoon they prevented 25 bags worth of rubbish being washed downstream into the Clyde estuary and entering our oceans! We hope by doing more of these litter picks we will finally get the message across to other members in the local community and more to improve the area for all.

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