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    The trend of getting a “lockdown haircut” was not just for our team members but also our wild trails path on the east bank of the River Leven. Exercise was important during the lockdown, with government guidelines allowing an hour of outdoor exercise which was later extended to unlimited outdoor exercise – whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines. This was due to the physical and mental health benefits of exercise – especially for those living in urban areas. This resulted in the wild trails route becoming more popular than ever before!

    The wild trail path provides the local community with an escape from the urban environment and
    connects people to nature and the natural environment. The route also provides an extended section to explore away from the busier public path to Dumbarton. The route has been well utilised by many different groups including runners, dog walkers, cyclists and fishermen.

    A follower of our social media pages got in touch and said:

    “I just returned home after an excellent run to Dumbarton and back via the east bank of the River
    Leven… It is very much better now, compared to a few years ago and thank you and your volunteers for all the hard work”.

    Connectivity of this wild trails route has been maintained by cutting back brambles, nettles and the dense hawthorn bushes which have previously blocked off sections of the path. At the end of July the route was starting to become overgrown after prolonged rain and mild conditions. With special thanks to the generous donation from the Ramblers Holidays Charitable Trust, our team gave this route a much needed “haircut” using loppers and strimmers and finally was nicely “combed over ” with a rake.

    This route continues to be improved with plans underway to resurface areas which are prone to flooding. We also hope to place bird and bat boxes along the route which our friends at Dumbarton Area Council on Alcohol built to help boost the wildlife along the wild trails route. Talks are also underway to improve a section which has been disturbed by recent construction work.


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