Wellcome visit The Felix Project

By James Baker | July 16 2018

Wellcome visit The Felix Project

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    Thank you to team Wellcome Trust! We had 5 excellent volunteers join us for the day and every day at The Felix Project is slightly different. Our volunteers joined us in our West London site, the smaller but busier of our two depots and they were quickly thrown into the deep end!

    Our volunteers were assisting with two key roles for the day, supporting the day to day running of the warehouse and going out on routes collecting surplus food and delivering food to charities. It isn’t clean work or relaxing work, soon sweat had broken out across foreheads!

    Within a day our volunteers delivered to 11 charities, collected from 8 suppliers and sorted a lot of food. They were an excellent help and support, they would be welcome (excuse the pun) to return anytime! You can discover more about The Felix Project and volunteering with us here: http://thefelixproject.org/.

    Rob Davies

    Volunteer Coordinator

    The Felix Project, July 2018

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James Baker

James B is a project manager at Semble, managing a number of their client campaigns, but with a particular focus on employee volunteering. Seeing passionate company staff and community champions collaborate to make a positive difference in local communities brings him no greater satisfaction. He began as an intern and has developed into his current role across 4 years with the company. In his spare time James is an aspiring cook and avidly supports Arsenal Football Club.