Wellcome lend a helping hand at Centre 404’s Leigh Road

By James Baker | July 19 2018

Wellcome lend a helping hand at Centre 404’s Leigh Road

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    The tenants at Centre 404’s Leigh Road project were extremely happy to welcome a team of 17 volunteers form the Wellcome Trust to their home. The Wellcome team worked diligently with the tenants and staff at Leigh Road in order to complete several large projects in just 8 hours!

    Outdoors the team completed a major clear-up of the garden and built two compost bins in order to help the tenants get rid of their food waste in a more environmentally friendly way, as well as to aid in the never-ending battle against the stinging nettles.

    Indoors, two separate teams worked on repainting the tenants’ communal lounge and painting a beautiful mural on a rather drab wall in the foyer of the building. Such was the efficiency of the volunteers that they finished the lounge painting ahead of time and managed to get a second unplanned mural in!

    The tenants at Leigh Road are extremely grateful to the team form the Wellcome Trust and to James, Andrew and everyone at Project Dirt for facilitating the day. Everyone involved had a fantastic time and we really look forward to working together again in the future.

    Duncan Powell

    Deputy Manager, Leigh Road

    July 2018

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James Baker

James B is a project manager at Semble, managing a number of their client campaigns, but with a particular focus on employee volunteering. Seeing passionate company staff and community champions collaborate to make a positive difference in local communities brings him no greater satisfaction. He began as an intern and has developed into his current role across 4 years with the company. In his spare time James is an aspiring cook and avidly supports Arsenal Football Club.