Week4: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly!

By Phil Johnson | April 25 2020

Week4: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly!

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    4 weeks in:- The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

    Well folks here we are, 4 weeks into this somewhat boring, relentless ‘lockdown’ and it is easy to see that the natives are starting to get restless. There is only so much cleaning, sweeping, polishing, gardening etc a person can do before monotony sets in and when you are heavily involved in a charity, or charity work, it is even more strenuous on the old brain cells as you are not allowed to roam around on charitable affairs either!

              Interestingly this ‘lockdown’ has brought the best out in some people and, sadly, the worst in others. Just look at our soon to be centenarian, Capt Tom Moore, who decided to plod around his back garden 100 times, with his walking frame, to raise £1,000 for our wonderful NHS. He has become national news as ‘the fever’ has caught on good ‘n’ proper with him ‘starring’ on BBC News, Pride of Britain Awards & a No1 record to boot. Oh yes, his £1,000 goal has been surpassed as the total now stands at some £30,000,000 in the Just Giving.com account. He will probably receive 1,000,000 cards on his birthday in a few days’ time too.

    Now let’s look at the opposite end of the spectrum, at a man who stole £2,000,000 from our beloved NHS – all in the name of business of course! Richard Branson wanted a Children’s Health Care contract but failed…..and then sued for the loss of that contract claiming ‘serious flaws in the procurement process’. Now hop forward 2yrs and the boot is on the other foot as this despicable man has laid off all his staff, telling them to take 8 weeks unpaid holiday, so that he doesn’t have to pay them a penny during this ‘lockdown’. How nice for the staff to know that their boss cares not a jot for their welfare during those eight weeks! Further to that, Branson then has the gall to ask our government for a £7.5bn ‘Bail Out’ lest his airline goes bust! Talk about milking the system! There is now a massive petition AGAINST this ‘begging bowl’ bail out online and I see no reason why it shouldn’t reach 1m signatures shortly. Change.org have ventured that he should sell his island and other assets before scrounging off our government-to which he has contributed ZERO in any form of tax as every enterprise is registered ‘off-shore’ no less. Even the ever ‘money careful’ Duncan Bannatyne has railed against the Virgin boss as has Simon Cowell. Victoria Beckham has also come under fire for similar ‘tight-wad’ reasons! It seems that some who amass vast fortunes are happy to only use the money for personal indulgences…..like gold taps!

    With the ‘lockdown’ has come a set of ‘Guidances’ from the Government has come the inevitable ‘over-reach’ by what were once known as Britain’s finest-our Police force. What has happened, with people trying to elasticate the rules somewhat, is that some of our uniformed have seen the opportunity to become ‘little Hitlers’. The police chief of Northamptonshire is one such prime example with: “Northamptonshire Police said the ‘three-week grace period is over’ and threatened that they may even soon start ‘checking the items in baskets and trolleys’. Now you must remember that under the ‘Guidances’ (not law) they do NOT have the powers to stop & search etc, therefore they do not have the powers to search your shopping trolley as they have no more idea than me or you of what is an essential purchase or non-essential purchase! Police stated that people were shopping for BBQ items, well why not? ‘Lockdown’ = stuck at home so why not have a BBQ and brighten your house arrest day up a bit? They have also set up a ‘grass-line’ in order that people can spy on people and report misdemeanours to plod, who will then descend in great numbers to catch a culprit sitting/playing on his/hers front lawn!

    Meanwhile, in dear old Cambridgeshire, police have, idiotically, stated that nurses driving to work ‘are possibly not going to work nor do their nurses ID count for anything, thus driving may be non essential!’ Some of this stuff you simply could not make up.

    Police use ‘drones’ to track people (and what they are doing) and swooped on ‘criminals’ walking their dogs or taking their daily constitutional citing “Not Essential” as the reason. It now gets worse as we return to Chief Constable Nick Adderley (Northants again) who has openly declared:

    “…..if officers can’t arrest people under the coronavirus bill, we will find other reasons: “We have wide-ranging powers”

    Now that says it all to me folks. It says, ‘I am God and you are nothing, I speak, you jump’ Now that is plain ugly in my book and although generally a peace loving person I do sincerely hope that this ’gentleman’ is found suspended from a branch, by his feet, in the middle of nowhere (Wild West Style) for he is exactly the type of authoritarian that the people of this country have always despised. Funny thing Karma!

              So there you have it, The Good, The Bad & the plain Ugly. Each living in their own little world, doing their own little thing. But charities remain static with each charity leader trying to organise events for later in the year for no one can specifically say when this ‘lockdown’ will officially end. Here at 2020VoiceCancer.org we are planning (as best we can) a Motown Charity Night, our annual ‘All you can Eat’ Charity Meal Night (29th Sept) & also a hilarious “InflatablesFunRunbeing held (on Sat, 5th Sept) at Nottingham Racecourse and I am delighted to say that we have the backing of Carling/Everards/Semble to help this rising charity gain the promotion, thus the AWARENESS that we richly deserve.

              You may not be aware of this small fact, but there are over 8,000 laryngectomees in this country but only this one small but growing charity buying the equipment needed once a patient leaves hospital for not all hospitals are financially equipped to do so these days – perhaps Captain Tom’s massive contribution to our beloved NHS will ease the problems a bit!


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