we20 and Project Dirt

By Paul Massey | March 15 2009

we20 and Project Dirt

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    Hi All

    I was alerted to Project Dirt as I’m part of a new initiative called we20. we20 enables anyone to have their own G20 meetings to develop plans for the future. These plans may address a local, national or global problem or address individual behaviour change. we20 are encouraging plans for business, community, government and charity. The G20 Summit is taking place on 2nd April and there are a number of we20 events going on around this time. We would of course welcome you to existing events or encourage Project Dirt members to have their own event or individual we20 meetings. After your meeting you can post your plan to we20.org where you can vote on other people’s plans with your 20 votes. We will try and help implement top plans and are working towards making we20 a long term initiative. You can find out more via our links here: http://we20.org If you have any questions at all please let me know. Thanks! Paul

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