Waiting for winter

By Keri Lloyd | May 03 2018

Waiting for winter

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    So now we’ve got the money from The Greggs Foundation, thank you Greggs, we’ve got to wait till the end of Summer before we can order the trees.  We have our plot all ready for the trees but we can’t put them in yet.  Over the winter we’ll plant up the trees and then hopefully next spring ithey will burst into life.  Of course we won’t have any fruit for a few years as the trees will have to establish themselves but it won’t be long before the community will be able to help themselves to lovely traditional British fruit.

    December Update. 13 trees have been ordered, including one from a local family who want to plant a tree to remember a beloved deceased member of their family.  We’re just waiting on a delivery date from the local tree nursery and hopefully they will be planted at the end of January.   Fingers crossed they will be in the ground very soon.  We’ve had a bit of vandalism in our community wood, I just hope the local idiots will leave our new trees alone.

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Keri Lloyd